8 Twitter Marketing Tips From Social Media Professionals

Are you using the latest Twitter marketing tactics? Do you want to raise the bar on your Twitter marketing? For this article, the top Twitter pros share the tips and tricks they’re using to make a difference in their own Twitter marketing.

#1: Match Emails With Customer Usernames

kristi hines twitter pic

Kristi Hines

Want to get to know prospective and current customers on Twitter?

SocialBro has a great feature that allows you to upload a list of email contacts and match them to corresponding Twitter handles. Once the process is complete, you can do a variety of things, including analyze the demographics, audience size, keywords they tweet and much more.

socialbro search results

SocialBro automatically matches emails to Twitter usernames.

I find it most helpful to add customers to a specific Twitter list. That way it’s easy to follow their conversations, get to know what content they like and engage with them. What a great way to learn more about your customers and build stronger relationships!

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer and author of Kikolani.

#2: Stop Tweeting Headlines

aaron lee twitter pic

Aaron Lee

One mistake marketers make when they tweet an article is to simply use the headline, which can be a little boring and seem lazy.

Instead of tweeting the article using headlines generated automatically from a blog post, I put more effort into the descriptions I write in my tweets, especially for my own blog posts.

Here’s how:

  • Add thoughts and opinions based on the article.
  • Take retweetable quotes from the article; for example, “Twitter is like an online cocktail party where conversations are quickly established.”
  • Ask questions to get people curious about the blog post.

When I add personalized descriptions like the three mentioned above, I get better results. It’s made a huge difference in terms of clicks and shares.

The best part about this tip? You can use all three methods to tweet the same blog post multiple times. It’s my little secret to get word out quicker without looking like I’m spamming your timeline.

Aaron Lee is a social media manager working at PostPlanner.

#3: Follow Influencer Twitter Lists

lisa peyton twitter pic

Lisa Peyton

Listening to influential users in your industry and then connecting with them is a great way to build relationships. To do that, you can either create your own Twitter lists or follow lists that have already been created.

I’ve created several lists that align with my current interests and regularly scan the feed of tweets provided by lists via my HootSuite mobile app. Not only does this allow me to easily stay connected with the ‘smarties’ in these areas, it also helps me find amazing content to share with my own followers.

creating a twitter list

Creating a list is a great way to aggregate the tweets of a specific group of users who can influence your target audience.

If you’re trying to connect with decision-makers in a specific vertical, save yourself the time of building a list from scratch.  Start by following lists that have already been assembled.

searching for twitter lists by topic

You can follow Twitter lists that have already been created by searching on Twitter.com, clicking Timelines and then selecting the most relevant results.

There are hundreds of thousands of existing Twitter lists for everything from enterprise software to digital influencers to scrapbooking. To find a list that relates to your interests, simply go to Twitter.com and enter your search phrase, then click on Timeline in the left sidebar.

This will reveal all of the lists associated with your search query.

Lisa Peyton is a digital marketing strategist, writer, teacher and consultant.

#4: Run Advanced Twitter Searches

dan virgillito twitter pic

Dan Virgillito

What if there was a way to find people interested in your product or service right now? What if you could hear what people say and find those complaining about something you can help them with? The thing is, there is a way. You can easily spy on thousands of topic-relevant Twitter conversations with Twitter advanced search.

A few months ago, I helped a London-based plumber reach out to potential customers with his Twitter marketing. Instead of @spamming people with promotional messages or sending his existing followers useless “call us if you need anything” tweets, I started by running a location-based search for terms like “plumber” and “plumbing” in my client’s area.

Then I found one tweet from a guy looking for a plumber to fix his broken boiler. There it was, right in front of me: the customer’s pain, the need my client could solve.

Whatever your business does, use Twitter advanced search to find your broken boiler.

Dan Virgillito is a freelance blogger and content strategist.

#5: Use Images to Increase Retweets

robert kilonzo twitter pic

Robert Kilonzo

When you have more images in your tweets, you’ll get more shares and clicks and a 35% bump in retweets.

When you optimize your tweet with images, make sure to use images that are compelling and relevant. Don’t use an image that has nothing to do with the topic just for the sake of having an image in the tweet.

twitter stats

Not only do images get more engagement for your tweets, they also help them stand out and get more attention.

Lastly, to increase the likelihood of your tweet being more engaging, add an appropriate hashtag and ask your followers to retweet it.

Robert Kilonzo is a sales and marketing specialist for Omnistar Interactive.

#6: Double A/B Test Blog Headlines

gregory ciotti twitter pic

Gregory Ciotti

Twitter is the ideal network to test purely for headlines because the visual elements play less of a role compared to a site like Facebook.

I first picked up this idea from Buffer. Here’s how you can apply it today:

After publishing an article, use Tweriod to determine when your followers are online.

Tweet three to five different headlines with unique, trackable links at peak times.Track the performance of each link via Bitly or Buffer.

Put the same three to five headlines in an A/B testing service like KingSumo’s Headline Plugin.

kingsumo headline test results

KingSumo helps you track user response to headlines for A/B testing.

By using two sources, you’ll essentially be able to confirm the absolute best available headline.

Greg Ciotti leads content strategy for Help Scout.

#7: Know WHY You’re on Twitter

stuart j davidson linkedin pic

Stuart J. Davidson

Too often, I see profiles try to do too much and satisfy too many marketing objectives. I’ll explain why this is a mistake.

Consider the theory of a landing page. It has a single objective—to increase conversion rates. Landing pages tend to work well because they’re simple, concise and purposeful.

Now apply this to your Twitter marketing efforts.

Set the primary objective of your marketing campaign.

Define Twitter tactics to fulfill this objective.

Measure the metrics that show how your Twitter efforts are performing.

When you understand why you’re investing in Twitter marketing, you can develop focused frameworks that effectively leverage the platform’s potential to work toward your purpose.

Stuart J. Davidson is a UK-based freelance social and digital marketer.

#8: Appeal to Human Behavior

rachel sprung twitter pic

Rachel Sprung

Studies have shown that curiosity is a cognitive form of realizing we have a gap in our knowledge. So we try really hard to reverse this gap by clicking on links to learn more. Our brains are actually programmed to do this! People are especially curious about information they “should” know.

Before you post something on Twitter, think about what will encourage someone to click on a link. First, how can you phrase your tweet to appeal to someone’s curiosity? Second, what word choices will nudge a person’s desire for self-improvement? With these goals in mind, we can then connect our audience to valuable content.

This particular tweet garnered 268 clicks, 27 retweets and 17 favorites as a result of focusing on creating curiosity and playing on a desire for self-improvement.

hubspot tweet

The copy in this tweet uses language people respond to.

The tweet’s copy “30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should Ignore” does a great job of generating curiosity. Most readers think, “why would I want to ignore advice?” or “What bad advice have I been given?” By this point, they’re itching to click the link.

The word should prompts the reader to learn what the bad advice is to make sure they aren’t using it. That’s where the desire to improve comes in.

Rachel Sprung is a product marketing associate at HubSpot.


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