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Media Marketing

Professional media such as photographs, video, and PowerPoint presentations, is an integral part of your brand, marketing, and search engine optimization strategy.

Call the professionals at Bush Marketing for a media marketing strategy that works for your business. We’ll start with a detailed discovery session to learn about your business, explore all of your media options, and develop a comprehensive plan that will help you reach your business goals.

We’ll not only create the media for you, but also help you integrate it into your marketing strategy so they attract, engage, and convert the largest amount of website visitors possible.

Bush Marketing can help you create powerful images, compelling video, and engaging PowerPoint presentations, along with a customized media marketing strategy.


Make no mistake – crisp, clear photography brings your website to life. Professional images unique to your brand showcase your business in a way that stock photography simply can’t.

When you need expert photography to boost your online presence, don’t leave it to your mobile device. Bush Marketing can create stunning photography in any setting, putting your brand in its best possible light.

We’ll also show you how to set up your photo images for complete search engine optimization using strategic metadata, captions, tags, and more that will help your website earn more clicks.


Video is one of the most effective ways to captivate your audience with your brand message, keeping them on your page longer and improving your search rankings.

Our professional videographers create videos for websites, social media, and even television. We make the entire process easy, from developing concepts, scripts, and storyboards, to shooting, editing, and marketing, so you don’t have to worry throughout the production process.

No hosted video is complete without search engine optimization. That’s why we’ll take the time to ensure your video is prepared to help maximize your website traffic.

PowerPoint Presentations

When you need a PowerPoint presentation designed to impress your live or online audience, talk to Bush Marketing. We’ll put together a professional, high-caliber presentation that will take your brand reputation to new heights.

Our presentation experts will combine the right copy, images, videos, animation, and more for a powerful message aligned with your presentation goals. Whether you need to land new clients, entice students, attract investors, or engage your viewers, you’ll have a presentation to be proud of.

Use your presentation in the office, during online meetings, or remotely. You can also feature it as gated content on your website, giving you more premium marketing opportunities to further brand growth.

Media Marketing

Creating your media is only half the job – getting it in front of your audience comes next! We’ll develop an integrated marketing strategy involving Google search, email marketing, and more to convert your website traffic into qualified leads.

Every part of your customized strategy will fit seamlessly into your current marketing framework, and be designed to help you reach your business goals while maximizing brand reach.

Video & Photography Marketing Services in Toronto, Across Canada, and Around the World

Since 2007, Bush Marketing has been helping businesses succeed with effective strategies that focus on growth. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you reach your business goals.