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Would you like your content to create more leads, increase customer engagement, and solidify your online reputation?

Talk to the content marketing team at Bush Marketing. Our creative experts will create killer content that your customers will want to see, and develop an effective strategy that will give your brand as much exposure as possible.

Your content only works for you when it converts your audience into qualified leads. Bush Marketing can make it happen!

Blogging Strategy

If you’re looking to raise your brand’s online profile, build an audience, and stay top of mind with prospects and customers, blogging is one of the most important ways to do it.

Through regular blogging, you’ll be helping to educate, inform, and inspire your audience by providing them with interesting and relevant information that matters to them. You’ll also be establishing yourself as the go-to source when they need a problem solved, and become the respected expert ahead of your competition.

Relevant topic list

We’ll help you compile a relevant topic list that addresses issues your readers care about at any given time throughout the year. Every topic will be thoroughly researched and presented in an easy-to-read format that will keep your readers’ attention.

Search engine optimized

Every blog we create will be fully optimized to rank as high as possible on Google. We do this by carefully selecting keywords that have the right balance of rank and competition, and use them strategically within blog titles, body copy, links, images, and more.

Flexible scheduling

Whether you want to send out blogs weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, over 6, 12, or any other number of months, our marketing team will devise a strategy that will give your blogs maximum exposure, as well as encourage action through social sharing or contacting you.

Let the Bush Marketing creative team take your online reputation to the next level with a blogging strategy that works for you.

Email Marketing

Reach a dedicated audience faster than ever before with an effective email marketing strategy that creates excitement and encourages action.

We’ll start by helping you design a unique email template that is completely aligned with your current branding, and includes the necessary links, buttons, footer information, and legal lines that will increase engagement and make the entire process easier for you.

Email newsletter

We’ll help design a newsletter with multiple tiles, links, and buttons that will have your readers looking forward to every issue. Our team can broadcast your email as frequently as you want, and help you choose content ideas to keep your audience engaged.

Standalone offers

Sending out a focused email that contains a time-limited offer? We can help with designs and messaging that keep your reader’s eyes moving down the page to your customized call to action, which they won’t be able to resist!

Special announcements

Launching a new product, adding a team member, or just want to send greetings? Our creative team can put together a great looking email that will get the word out. Your audience will feel like a “special insider” when you share important information on such a personal level.

If you need help with privacy, compliancy, or opt-outs, our email marketing experts are completely up to date with Canadian and international laws, guidelines, and policies. With Bush Marketing, every detail of your email marketing campaign is covered.

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