Case Study: MSCP Heat Management Solutions

Case Study

Meet MSCP Heat Management Solutions

MSCP HEAT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS specializes in engineering documented, repeatable, high-quality electrical heat trace and insulation solutions for heavy-duty industrial applications, including oil, gas, wastewater, and chemicals.

 The company has also transformed how customers manage heat trace and insulation requirements by creating a new heat management industry that connects all the fragmented elements of heat trace, insulation, control panel assembly, and rope access services into an integrated solution. This updated approach helps facility owners meet their objectives with unprecedented efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

 MSCP also offers materials management solutions that locally warehouse their customers’ heat trace and insulation equipment, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery that keeps projects moving forward with minimal downtime.

Refreshed Brand, Website & Digital
Marketing Solutions in the Oil & Gas Sector

MSCP’s Needs

As the MSCP team developed their new heat management industry, they needed a refreshed brand and company website, and assistance taking their messaging to the marketplace. The goal was to establish the company as North America’s premier heat management supplier while redefining how the industry operates.

MSCP leadership understood that to accomplish this successfully, they would have to hire a team that could handle multi-faceted projects. Andy Bush from Bush Marketing was able to provide the parentship MSCP needed to fulfill every project requirement and move the company on a trajectory toward further success.

“When companies contribute transformative innovations to their industry, their online messaging and marketing assets must evolve. The Bush Marketing team understands the importance of developing a compelling digital presence, and were thrilled to partner with MSCP on their journey.”

Bush Marketing’s Solution for MSCP

Andy met with MSCP CEO Chris Maki and his leadership team to discuss the company’s new heat management industry and how they wanted their messaging framed. With a clear understanding of what would result in a successful project,

Andy presented Chris with a detailed, easy-to-read proposal that itemized the Bush Marketing solution, along with clear timelines and expectations. After receiving approval from MSCP, the Bush Marketing team began work on the following tasks:

Updated Logo and Graphics

Bush Marketing’s brand experts developed an impactful logo that clearly establishes MSCP’s role as a leader in heat management. Custom colours and graphics throughout the new website accurately capture the brand tone, and are designed for portability to other marketing assets.

Website Design and Development

The Bush Marketing website development team designed a fully functional website that delivered an exceptional customer experience. Project priorities included easy navigation, fast load time, and reliable performance on both desktop and mobile. The user-friendly layout ensures that content is found quickly. It also keeps the reader scrolling down the page to the conversion-optimized call-to-action.

Brand Content Writing

MSCP required compelling copy to communicate its unique business model and corporate values properly. Our writing team interviewed the MSCP team and worked closely with multiple stakeholders to develop exciting written content in an authoritative brand voice relatable to their customers. The copy strategy included MSCP’s company story, leadership profiles, case studies, commitment to safety, employee training programs, and more.

Content Marketing

Bush Marketing also provided ongoing content marketing services to keep MSCP top-of-mind with customers and bolster its SEO strategy. These services include keyword-rich blogging and newsletter deployment.

Search Engine Optimization

Bush Marketing’s search solution includes keyword-rich content, on and off-page techniques, and technical fixes to attract sustainable web traffic and maximize the number of qualified leads.

Social Media

The social marketing team at Bush Marketing created a progressive growth strategy geared toward raising MSCP’s social presence. This new approach included new logos and graphics, custom images, engaging posts, and hashtag development. The team also collaborated closely with MSCP to tell its brand story and promote the new heat management industry. 

“Working with Bush Marketing has been a fantastic experience. We were looking for a web design company and what we got was a marketing partner. The team has worked with us to execute our growth vision for MSCP; they are always on-hand to answer our questions and have consistently produced high end work. We are so pleased with the results that we engaged them in a digital marketing campaign to better reach our customers. We strongly recommend Bush Marketing to anyone needing a fresh approach to marketing.”

The Results

The team at Bush Marketing delivered the entire project on time, within budget, and to MSCP’s complete satisfaction. Feedback from their customers, partners, and suppliers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Our team is always eager to take on new and interesting challenges. We are grateful for the opportunity to help MSCP make a positive impact in the digital space and pleased that we continue to support their needs. When we can help a customer grow through cost-effective digital marketing properties, we consider it a big win”


Bush Marketing continues to support MSCP’s digital marketing needs with an ongoing social media campaign designed to attract leads and promote engagement. The team is also on-hand to provide additional products when required.

As MSCP’s business model evolves further, they can count on Bush Marketing for unparalleled support and quality products that drive organic growth.

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