Case Study: The Werc Shop/Entour

Case Study

Meet Entour

Entour, a division of The Werc Shop, distinguishes itself as a leading provider of botanical flavor and aroma solutions within the cannabis industry.

The Werc Shop is an award-winning supplier of high-quality terpene formulations for cannabis product manufacturers. Its team of dedicated scientists, researchers, and industry veterans have a deep understanding of terpenes and their synergistic effects, which formed the basis of their True to Plant® technology.

True to Plant® captures popular cultivars’ flavors, aromas, and effects with unprecedented accuracy and precision, bringing The Werc Shop’s customers formulations that create high-quality, enjoyable experiences for the user.

New Branding, Website Development, and Digital Marketing Solutions in the Cannabis Sector

The Werc Shop‘s Needs: Introducing Entour

The company planned to launch a new branded product line called Entour. This new product line would consist of Native® and Inspired® blends that capture the essence of terpenes for a unique sensory experience.

Entour required a new brand design, an e-commerce website, fresh, crisp written content, and an integrated marketing solution to properly introduce it to the market. The Werc Shop hired multiple companies to handle each asset but was dissatisfied with the work presented and felt hampered by working disjointedly with so many suppliers.

Pivoting quickly, The Werc Shop team sought out a proven, respected company that offered end-to-end business development and marketing solutions under one roof. Once they met with Andy Bush from Bush Marketing, who demonstrated a clear understanding of The Werc Shop’s needs, the company knew they had found the partner they were looking for.

"We selected Bush based on their exceptional level of professionalism and ability to beautify and amplify technical aspects in ways that appeal to broad market perspectives. We felt confident they would bring tremendous value."

Bush Marketing's Solution for The Werc Shop

Bush Marketing strives to make the collaborative process easy and enjoyable from the very beginning. It starts with a project proposal that clearly itemizes the solution, provides clear timelines, and details step-by-step expectations.

Once The Werc Shop approved the proposal, The Werc Shop transitioned the entire project from the original suppliers to the Bush Marketing team. Project tasks included:

Brand Design

Andy performed a complete brand analysis exercise to determine the appropriate colours and fonts that fit Entour’s image, feel, and business values. The Bush team then presented a straightforward, easy-to-follow brand guidebook to ensure consistent compliance with the approved branding guidelines.

Ecommerce Web Design

The Bush Marketing development team designed a fully functional e-commerce website that provided a streamlined browsing, shopping, and checkout experience that prioritized simplicity and security. Functionality included customer account maintenance and seamless integration with the company’s backend order fulfillment system. Overall, the website’s layout offered easy navigation, impactful imagery, and conversion-optimized calls-to-action, delivering an exceptional user experience.

Brand Content Writing

One of the primary goals of the new brand’s written content was to emphasize superior product quality and better long-term customer ROI to justify Entour’s higher price points. Bush’s content team interviewed The Werc Shop to ensure their core messaging was accurately reflected with compelling copy in a brand voice that expressed authority but was still relatable to the user. The content strategy included a company history, brand value differences, and more.

“We made a decision to work with another company to provide content which turned out to be a big mistake. The work was high quantity and low quality. We switched to Bush as we wanted meaningful and informative content that would influence our potential customers. Bush Marketing delivered exactly what we wanted.

Marketing Campaign & Ongoing Support

The Werc Shop team was thrilled with the final result and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their customers, partners, and suppliers. 

These results and the exceptional experience working with Bush Marketing prompted The Werc Shop to continue collaborating with Bush on ongoing marketing initiatives.

Content Marketing

Dissatisfied with their current blog content supplier’s AI-driven content, The Werc Shop hired Bush Marketing to provide original, keyword-rich blogs on a monthly basis. The content marketing strategy also included newsletter deployment with custom content.

Social Media Marketing

The social marketing team at Bush Marketing launched a strategy to boost the Entour brand’s social media presence with a customized progressive growth strategy that included custom graphics, engaging written posts, and relevant hashtag development.

The Results

The partnership between The Werc Shop and Bush Marketing has yielded remarkable results across various aspects of the project. Firstly, through a comprehensive brand analysis, Bush Marketing crafted a distinct and cohesive brand identity for Entour, perfectly aligning with its image, feel, and values. This was further reinforced by the brand guidebook, ensuring consistent compliance with the approved branding guidelines, which bolsters brand recognition and trust among consumers.

Moreover, the user-centric e-commerce website designed by Bush Marketing provides a seamless browsing, shopping, and checkout experience, significantly enhancing user satisfaction. With an intuitive layout, impactful imagery, and conversion-optimized calls-to-action, the website witnessed increased engagement and sales, further solidifying Entour’s position in the market.

Content-wise, Bush Marketing crafted a compelling content strategy that effectively communicated Entour’s superior product quality and value proposition. Through original, informative content written in a relatable brand voice, potential customers were positively influenced, driving brand preference and loyalty.

The executed marketing campaign received positive feedback from customers, partners, and suppliers alike, resulting in an enhanced brand reputation and increased awareness. Additionally, the progressive growth strategy implemented for social media marketing led to heightened engagement and brand visibility across various platforms.

Given the success of the collaboration, The Werc Shop continues to partner with Bush Marketing on ongoing marketing initiatives. The sustained efforts in content marketing and social media marketing ensure continued brand growth and sustained customer engagement, solidifying Entour’s position as a leading player in the cannabis industry.

“All of us at Bush Marketing are grateful for the opportunity to work collaboratively with The Werc Shop on solutions that help drive new customer relationships in the digital space. We’re also thrilled to provide ongoing marketing support with cost-effective strategies focusing on organic growth. This partnership proves once again that when teams work together, great things can happen.”

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