4 Tips for Building a Strong Following on Linkedin

Content Marketing/ 4 Tips for Building a Strong Following on Linkedin

Building a large LinkedIn following can do wonders for your company. You’ll reach a wider audience, create a community with loyal fans, and access more audience insights. With more followers, your business can grow and sell its products/services faster.

This article showcases tips for building a large army of followers that genuinely cares for your brand. Whether you are a beginner starting from scratch or an advanced company, these tips will help you boost your LinkedIn follower count. But first, let’s start with the basics.


How to Generate Loyal Fans on LinkedIn

Gaining loyal fans on LinkedIn begins with simple steps that are often overlooked. To begin, ensure your LinkedIn Page is completely filled out! Statistics say that LinkedIn Pages with full details gain 30% more views.

Once your business profile is complete, make sure your page’s content speaks to your target audience. As long as your content is valuable and engaging, visitors are more likely to follow you.

With our LinkedIn Page now complete, and with content that resonates with your target audience, let’s dive into increasing your followers.

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4 Ways of Getting Numerous LinkedIn Followers

Below, you will find tips to take your LinkedIn following to the next level. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a well-established fan base, these tips will help you get more followers.


1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Page for SEO

Never underestimate Google’s power. The search engine giant processes about 3.5 billion searches daily, which is a perfect opportunity to drive inbound traffic to your Page.

However, you have to optimize your Page for SEO to leverage this opportunity. SEO helps expand your company’s search footprint and increases your discoverability by both LinkedIn members and other relevant web searchers.

In short, a well-implemented SEO strategy drives massive traffic to your LinkedIn Page. The higher your page’s traffic, the greater the chances of getting more followers.


2. Post Content Regularly

You need to post fresh content regularly on your company’s page. The reason? Your page will become more visible on people’s feeds and make it more appealing to potential followers.

Research reveals that businesses that post at least once weekly on LinkedIn see a 2x lift in engagement. However, regular posting is an intense routine.

It is critical to keep a steady flow of fresh content and post at the optimum time.

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3. Leverage Page Analytics to Create Engaging Content

Your Page’s analytics provide vital details you can use to improve your content and get more followers. For example, you gain insight into your sources of followers, competitors’ pages, and demographic information about Page visitors.

Use this information to identify what content resonates more with the target audience and what works for your competitors. That way, you will post content that your potential followers want.


4. Encourage Engagement on Your Company’s Page

The easy way to become famous and get many followers is by encouraging engagement in your post. When people engage with your content through comments and reactions, LinkedIn will expose it to a wider audience—an opportunity to increase followers.

A thoughtful idea will get people talking. Alternatively, you can use trends in your audience’s world to encourage people to react to your posts. Just ensure one thing: when they respond with thoughtful comments, reply with something equally valuable.

You get additional viral benefits if you increase engagement on your page posts. Viral Pages have a good chance of getting people to click the “Follow.”


There’s Always a Room at the Top

No matter your current number of followers, there’s always an opportunity to increase your fan base. A more extensive fan base comes with many benefits:

  • Your content will spread faster.
  • You will increase brand awareness and possibly, the number of clients in your business.
  • You improve visibility on LinkedIn.


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