Top 6 Business Benefits Of A LinkedIn Business Page

Branding/ Top 6 Business Benefits Of A LinkedIn Business Page

A LinkedIn business page is an important addition to your business brand. You may already have accounts for your business on other social platforms, but if you want to take things a notch higher and market your business professionally, LinkedIn is the way to go. Content shared on LinkedIn is geared towards businesses and professionals, providing a different atmosphere from other social media sites.

Wondering if creating a LinkedIn business page for your account is necessary? Here are a few reasons why it can help your business increase it’s reach and brand loyalty:

1. Easily Reach your Target Market

LinkedIn hosts a global community of professionals and experts in different fields. As a member of LinkedIn, interacting and accessing professionals within your niche is simple. A business LinkedIn page enables you to reach potential prospects by connecting, networking, forming business relationships and high-level interactions without even meeting face to face.

You can also choose to share your business page and content with everyone or a particular target market. You can choose a target market depending on:

· Industry

· Geographical location

· Education

· Size of company

· Seniority level

· Type of industry

· Job function

2. Improve Your SEO Ranking With A LinkedIn Business Page

Search engines like Google rank LinkedIn company pages and posts highly in their results. This means that having a LinkedIn business page will positively impact your SEO. With the increased SEO results it will allow you to have a higher chance of appearing in Google search results and more importantly on the front page of many searches. To have a higher SEO ranking, make sure to optimize your company description and use relevant keywords just as you would use on your company’s website.

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3. Share Job Opportunities

LinkedIn company pages have a dedicated careers section that allows your brand to reach people seeking employment in your niche. Under this section, you can list your job openings, which could also direct traffic to your site. Besides job listings, job seekers and potential business partners can learn more about your business from the information you provide on your company’s page.

4. Create a Great Perception or Credibility for Your Brand

In today’s technological era, most people are judging business brands according to their online presence. With the increase in popularity of the LinkedIn platform, potential customers and visitors will want to research your business and compare it to your competitors or other companies in the same field.

If your business decides to open a LinkedIn account, you have full editorial rights to several updates that could pose a great benefit to your brand’s perception. This includes a platform to display your special services and promote news while still being on the lookout for how people talk about your brand.

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5. Use Showcase Pages to Promote Your Business

In April 2014, LinkedIn replaced the option of having a Products and Services page with enabling company page admins to create showcase pages for products, services, and upcoming events. These pages help you to provide content for a targeted audience of buyers. You can share in-depth information regarding your business and engage with your consumers.

If you have a large company or offer different services, you can showcase these pages individually, with your main company page as the landing page.

6. Promote Your Latest Company News Through Your LinkedIn Business Page

One major challenge with posting updates on social media is that unless you’re frequently posting, your critical information will get lost between other people’s posts quickly as new posts emerge. Luckily, with a LinkedIn’s company page, you can choose your most important post and pin it to the top of your page’s news feed, where it will stay until you decide to unpin it. This works pretty well if you want to promote your company’s coming event or a testimonial.

So, Should You Opt For A LinkedIn Business Company Page?

Whether you have a Facebook account for your brand or you’re making great sales as an e-commerce business, a LinkedIn business page will further help to build your brand, create stronger connections and ultimately grow visitors trust in your company. Open one today to make greater connections and improve your reach on the platform.


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