Why Social Media Must Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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At least 4.5 billion people had regular access to the internet in the year 2020. These numbers will continue to increase with the rapid rise in mobile access. From a business point of view, internet access has broadened the scope and opportunities for expansion into new market frontiers.

Social media marketing is among the ever evolving yet highly effective advertising strategies powered by the broadening scope of internet access. If your business marketing plan has yet to incorporate social media marketing, then you could be missing out on a perfect chance to achieve rapid expansion.

Here’s why social media should be at the heart of your marketing strategy.


1. Greater Engagement with Customers

There’s no limit to how much you can engage with your clients on social media. You have the freedom to post as much content as you might desire without having to worry about the cost implication. The best part about social media marketing is that you also get the chance to foster a two-way communication approach. Facebook alone boasts about having at least 1.9 billion active users every day. Social media marketing offers you the chance to convey your brand message to a vast customer base. You also get to enjoy the benefits of real-time interactions and advantages, which are rarely found in most other marketing options.


2. Cost-Effective

For the better part of the 19th century, advertising was reserved for the more established companies. The cost involved was unreasonable and therefore discriminative of emerging brands. Social media marketing has changed this narrative over time with a rapid expansion of the marketing scope.

Creating a business account on any of the leading social media platforms is free and instant. Further, sharing and posting content on these platforms does not accrue any charges.

Platforms such as Facebook only charge a considerably fair fee for boosted posts, which in-turn attracts a broad, yet diverse audience. The actual benefit to the business is immeasurable considering that you are allowed to reach millions of users with a single click.


3. Social Media Marketing Makes Market Segmentation Easy

Market segmentation is one of the most complex procedures when undertaking a marketing campaign. Most businesses that have yet to integrate social media marketing experience trouble when segmenting specific customers based on their needs and likes. On the other hand, social media networks use web crawlers and complex algorithms to segment the market for businesses.

Social media marketing helps your business sell specific products to a particular segmented audience based on their search online. At a small fee, social media platforms such as Facebook also boost your marketing posts to reach more buyers searching for specific products. These social media platforms also suggest to buyers other similar products that could supplement their online searches.


4. Higher Conversion Rates

Compared to outbound marketing strategies, social media guarantees your business 100% conversion. If your business has been struggling to reach a higher lead-to-close rate, then it could be time to consider social media marketing for your brand.

As long as you can post valuable content constantly, it will become easier to achieve improved trust and credibility for your brand. Ultimately, improved confidence leads multiplicity in conversion rates.

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5. Brand Recognition and Loyalty

Some brands have billions of active social media users on their social media handles who frequently comment, like, or repost content. Such levels of brand recognition eventually lead to brand loyalty. Customers feel valued when they see real-time responses to their inquiries, questions, or feedback.

As opposed to all other marketing techniques, social media marketing offers you the benefit of creating a personalized experience for clients. Such benefits, in turn, help nurture brand loyalty.

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6. Increased Conversion Due to High Traffic

A business site that has thousands of visitors every day has a guaranteed lead conversion rate. In essence, every interaction you have with clients on your social media platforms is an opportunity to meet and convince millions of potential leads. This unique advantage is only salient to businesses that adopt social media marketing techniques.


The Social Media Marketing Train Has Left the Station

Marketing will never be the same again with mainstreaming of social media. As a business, you will have flopped in your advertising endeavors if you fail to take advantage of the evolving social media marketing landscape. All you need is to incorporate a succinct social media marketing plan then sit back and reap the benefits.

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