Web Development and Website Design – How Do They Differ?

Content Marketing/ Web Development and Website Design – How Do They Differ?

Web development and website design are two phrases you often hear when you are just getting started with your website. Most people have this misconception that these two concepts are the same. What they don’t realize is that web development and website design are only closely related, but they are completely different in every sense of the word.


There’s More to Website Design Than Colors Alone


As its name suggests, web design is all about the stage of designing the website itself, including its color scheme, style, content, and usability.

Since this is the initial stage of the process, the website designer, through a detailed discovery process, is expected to understand the needs, wants, and expectations of the client. After they get a good idea of the intended use and function of the website, the designer will then start planning it. Understandably, the first draft will not create a completed design, but it will give the designer a great start. They can present this to the client before proceeding to the development process.

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Programming and Coding Happen During Web Development


While website design focuses on the planning stage of the website, building it will be the second step of the process. Website developers, also called website programmers or coders, are the ones who use the  design and transform it into a completely functional and efficient website.

Website developers use different programming languages combined with a touch of their own magic to bring the website to life.

There are websites that have to be made from scratch if their intended purpose is unique or out of this world. Thanks to this, website developers enjoy greater flexibility with their coding skills being their only limit. The scale and size of the site are also dependent on the timeframe and the price.

On the other hand, there are websites that can be changed or altered to suit a certain CMS or content management system. The process is usually faster and even cheaper compared to building a site from scratch. The big advantage of this is that the moment the site is made, this can be updated with ease with the use of CMS, which also makes it easier and simpler to maintain.


Website Development is an Ongoing Process


If there comes a time that your website requires some changes or it breaks down all of a sudden, the website developer is going to help. Don’t think that just because your website is already up and running, you can forget about it and let it fend for itself.

It it is important to work with a reliable provider of website development in Toronto (like Bush Marketing!) to ensure that your website doesn’t suffer from sales and business disruptions. After all, your highest priority as a website owner is to ensure that it runs efficiently, effectively, and smoothly at all times.

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