Is Your Website Losing Your Business Money? Here’s Why

Branding/ Is Your Website Losing Your Business Money? Here’s Why

A business website impacts your company in two major ways. It is either working for you and helping you improve profits, or working against you effectively losing your business money, opportunities, and potential clients.

Losing money can be highly frustrating for a CEO or business owner, especially if it’s caused by a website that should be doing the opposite; bringing in more clients and generating sales. If your website is costing you an arm and a leg to run yet bringing nothing in return or negatively impacting your reputation and sales, these could be the reasons:


5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Losing You Money (and the Necessary Solutions)


1. No One Knows Exactly What Your Company Does

If a visitor clicks on your site for the first time, they should know what your business offers within the first five seconds. If there is a failure to do so it can result in the customers disengaging. A business website filled with too much unnecessary information will confuse visitors and they will simply click away.

Solution: Avoid Fluff in Your Content

When it comes to creating user-friendly websites, the old saying is true: keep it simple, stupid. Viewers want to read something that they easily understand. Instead of using an overabundance of written copy to explain your services, just say what you do in simple sentences. This will make viewers explore deeper.

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2. Your Website Is Unresponsive

Over 50% of the world’s internet traffic originates from mobile devices. Most people are using their phones and not tablets or laptops to access the internet. This is why you need a user friendly and responsive website. With mobile phones accounting for more than 40% of online transactions, you will need a responsive website if you wish to make money. If yours isn’t responsive, you will only be giving away your potential customers and revenue to your competitors.

Solution: Design a Mobile Responsive Website

Whether conducting a DIY website design or working with a web designer, ensure you go for specifically responsive websites. Then test it on your mobile device to confirm that everything is displayed appropriately.


3. Your Website Is Not SEO Optimized

Did you know that 95% of internet searchers don’t go past the first page of Google results? This explains why three-quarters of businesses are now investing in SEO. Having an SEO optimized website enables it to be top-ranked and generate income by enhancing visibility in search results.

If your company site is not using SEO, it is probably why it is losing your business money.

Solution: Optimize Your Site

SEO optimization for your website does not happen overnight; it is a slow but sure process that will eventually lead you greater results and higher traffic. Here are some ways to optimize your website:

· Research keywords related to your audience and industry

· Create fresh content regularly

· Improve meta descriptions and titles

· Optimize your content using keywords


4. Your Website Is Not Navigation Friendly

Internet users tend to avoid websites that are too busy or flashy since they are confusing. Your website’s appearance matters a lot; if the fonts are too small or hard to read, users will find it hard to navigate.

Solution: Go For A Simple Design

Websites with simple designs provide visitors with clear paths for navigation. You can make use of internal links and easy to use navigation bars that will keep visitors on your site rather than chasing them away.


5. The Content on Your Website Cannot Be Easily Shared

If your website lacks social media sharing buttons, you may be technologically behind. Allowing your content to be easily shared increases its popularity and visibility. Popular content also boosts your score in the search engines, driving more traffic to your site.

Solution: Introduce a Share Button

Today, most website designs have a social media sharing button that enables your audience to share your posts and business pages. These must be including when your developing a marketing plan.

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So, there you have it, 5 ways your website may be causing you to lose money and how to fix them. Your website is an integral part of your business, and with the right strategies, you can increase your business’ revenue.


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