The Importance Of A Clear Brand Message

Branding/ The Importance Of A Clear Brand Message

What’s in a brand message? Well, Amazon, the world’s most valuable brand, increased its net worth by almost a third last year to stand at a whopping $684 billion. Much of this growth is attributable to the company’s strategic branding approach.

Most accredited brands, including Amazon, understand the importance of a clear brand message when dealing with customers. In a world where information is a click away, ensuring clarity in branding your products or services is the deal-breaker in modern marketing.

So how important is a clear brand message towards effective marketing?


Clarity Is King In A Market Flooded with Information

Every day, customers are bombarded with endless adverts, messages, and promotions as brands compete to capture the market. However, out of these competing brands, only a negligible percentage achieves maximum lead conversion. The problem with most other unsuccessful brands is how they present their message in a market that’s flooded with information.

Customers rarely buy the best products. On the contrary, they choose products they can understand based on a clear brand message. If your brand message is vague, you will probably market your company with minimal conversion.

It may take the intervention of an expert to help you achieve clarity in how you communicate with customers. Your brand will easily get lost in the sea of adverts and information in the digital age unless you rethink how you design your brand narrative. Whether you are new in the market or you have been around for years, here are some benefits of developing a clear brand message.


1.     A Clear Brand Message Shortens the Customer Acceptance Span

When Amazon started in the year 1994, no one knew the brand. It took the company a decade of consistent brand awareness to get to its current position. It takes a long time for customers to understand and appreciate your brand and the image you are trying to portray.

A clear brand message ensures that potential customers understand and accept your brand sooner. You can start by coining a catchy yet easy-to-understand message. Once you have the customer’s attention, you should continue communicating the same message to ensure gradual acceptance into the mainstream market.

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2.     A Clear Brand Message Leads To Reduced Advertising Expenditure

Branding is the key to connecting with your audience. If you have an unclear brand message, you’ll continue to spend exorbitant amounts of funds on a fruitless advertising campaign. Brands that understand the value of brief communique with their customers often spend less while converting more leads. A clear brand message reduces the frequency of adverts needed to drive your marketing plan.


3.     Easy to Attract Referrals

Word of mouth is among the easiest ways to push your brand. However, this is only possible if your loyal customers understand your brand and what it stands for. If you can provide a clear and consistent brand message, your converted leads will gladly push your products through word of mouth.

The changing scope of social media has made word of mouth a key pillar when pushing brand awareness. Simple actions such as resharing, retweeting or reposting your brand message could catapult your name within a short term. Even then, you must have a clear brand message that customers can resonate with.

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4.     Easier Market Penetration

Market penetration is among the most demanding techniques when introducing new products. It’s worse if your brand is unknown in the market. A clear brand message precedes all your future products, which makes market acceptance easy.

Today, every new Apple product gets the attention and the trust of customers everywhere, even when it’s a new entrant in the market. The ease of market penetration is due to a preset notion about the brand, which is achieved through strategic branding.


Time to Consider Strategic Branding

Branding is a cost that businesses can no longer overlook. Access to information and the subsequent consumption by potential customers has now shifted more towards digital content. Every company must pay specific attention to the importance of a clear brand message before disseminating information.

You could start by consulting seasoned branding experts to help you coin a clear brand narrative. Ultimately, the clarity level in each of the messages you send out determines the conversion rates you will achieve.


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