Shifts in Buyer Behavior Causing CEOs to Embrace Digital Marketing

Branding/ Shifts in Buyer Behavior Causing CEOs to Embrace Digital Marketing

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we live our daily lives, from how we work, interact, hold meetings, and even how we do our shopping. From the way things are trending, it is no secret that this is to a strong degree, the new normal. As we adapt to a more online focus, digital marketing will jump to the forefront.

As a business owner or CEO, you may have already felt the impact and are looking for ways to adapt to the new dynamic; not just to stay afloat but to thrive and grow. On their end, consumers have found new ways to meet their needs. In this article, we’ll look at four radical shifts in buyer behavior that leave you, the company CEO, with no option but to embrace a digital marketing mindset.

Adoption of Digital Marketing and Buying

The general shopping landscape has changed dramatically over the last two years, with buyers embracing a mix of digital touchpoints through their buying journey. They rely on social media feeds, search engines, and online reviews to discover and evaluate products and services. After gathering all the necessary information, they often use mobile wallets and social media to place their orders.

Despite these changes, customers still feel a disconnect with the companies, especially when the customer reps have different information about your company products and services. You change this within your organization by:

● Sharing all helpful information about your products and services

● Making it easy for your customers to navigate your website when looking for your products and services

● Giving your customers the freedom to choose their most preferred way of contacting you

● Showcasing positive reviews/testimonials/case studies

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Virtual Sales and Digital Marketing is Replacing In-Person Interactions

After it became apparent that Covid-19 is a household name and not something we expect to go away any time soon, professional service firms had to come up with innovative ways to replace the face-to-face marketing approach. This has forced businesses that had not considered digital marketing to transition fast.

Customers are more interested in virtual meetings than traditional face-to-face meetings and networking events. As a CEO, you must ensure that your organization effectively utilizes webinars, video conference calls, and live social media chats to engage and close new deals.

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Slower Sales Cycle

During the initial stages of the pandemic, sales for certain consumer products heated up. However, the trend has changed as people have learned how to live with the pandemic. The changes in buying habits are attributed to the change in preferences and a dash of innovation in
various industries.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to improve and speed up your sales cycle.

● Involve a professional decision-maker in your marketing efforts

● Understand your prospect’s concerns before addressing your sales pitch

● Show your prospects how your product solves their problems

● Use leading questions to determine when the prospect is ready to close a deal

● Create a personalized experience for each prospect


Covid-Influenced Market Dynamics

The onset of the pandemic changed the market processes and operations. The need to minimize the spread of the disease led to a decrease in trade shows, increased inflation, and interruption of how the supply chain works. These changes have a significant impact on the overall buying and selling experience. You can minimize how these changes influence your business by:

● Adopting digital transformation and digital marketing

● Investing in the human element part of your business by offering workforce training and improving customer satisfaction management

● Prioritizing workforce safety and resilience, cost management, and organization agility without compromising on customer service experience

● Rebalancing and shifting your supply chain

Final Thoughts

Although a shift to digitalization was already in progress across different industries, the pandemic catalyzed the process. Being able to embrace and adopt digital marketing trends will give your business a competitive edge against your competitors. Therefore, you need to develop a digital marketing mindset if you want your business to thrive amid the ongoing Covid- related challenges.


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