3 Ways to Boost Your Marketing for 2020

Content Marketing/ 3 Ways to Boost Your Marketing for 2020

Planning is essential for marketing success. What you plan, how you plan it, and when you plan are the important factors that will define your marketing strategy effectiveness and your ability to gain the trust of your prospects. Marketers have to work that much harder towards the end of the year to capitalize on the holiday season and to prepare a marketing strategy for the next year.

2020 is almost upon us! But there is still time

And it’s time to boost your marketing before the start of the new year. Here are 3 ways to do it the right way.


Increase Marketing Budget

You can’t do well if you don’t have the resources to achieve marketing goals. While it’s challenging to secure enough marketing budget, according to 27% of marketers but there isn’t any alternative.

An increase in marketing budget doesn’t necessarily mean spending more on ads or increase advertising budget on your favorite ad network, but it is more about using marketing funds smartly and in the right place.

Marketing technology is one area where you have to spend more in 2020. Businesses in North America spent $66 billion on marketing tech in 2019. If you want to stay in the marketing game, you have to spend on marketing tech.

For instance, there are more than 300K active chatbots on Facebook Messenger. Are you using one? How effective your chatbot is? You can use any chatbot for marketing messages but a decent one would cost you a lot of money.

You have to ensure your marketing team has access to the right tools and resources to be effective. This is a reason why an increase in budget is an absolute must.


Maximize Your Marketing Content

The best thing you can do towards the end of the year is repurposing your content. The content you created over the year can be used to target a new audience.

Look at different social media platforms that you may not have tapped into. Look at publishing your articles in various online publications like Forbes, Medium and Business Insider.

Repurposing your content is one of the best ways to boost marketing at any time of the year. But when you do it at the end of the year, it has two main benefits.

First, you can increase exposure while not increasing your marketing budget. Perhaps you can take that money saved and run that Linkedin ad campaign you’ve wanted to run.

Second, it will let you know what content types and platforms perform best and the same can be incorporated in the next year’s marketing strategy.

You can convert a simple blog post into a video, PPT, infographic, case study, PDF, social media snippets, and more.


Monitor and Adjust

Rigorous testing and tweaking of your marketing techniques and campaigns towards the end of the year is the best way to boost marketing performance and to prepare yourself better for the next year.

What marketers usually do is they will wait for the last month of the year to analyze yearly performance instead of continuous tracking and tweaking. If you haven’t analyzed and tweaked your marketing strategy of 2019 yet, do it right now.



internet marketing data analysis - pay attention to your marketing and website data
Don’t ignore the data! It tells the story of your marketing successes and failures.


Generate reports that tell the story of your successes and failures. Examine the data closely. See what has worked and what didn’t. Tweak marketing campaigns so you can adjust for 2020. The use of appropriate analytics tools can help you with analysis, tweaking, and improving performance. Marketers who use 5 or more tools in their analytics stack are 39% more likely to improve marketing performance.

Tweaking helps you refine campaigns and improve profitability by removing elements that don’t perform well. The successful campaigns from 2019 with the same settings can be used in 2020.

Monitoring, testing, and tweaking is a rather continuous process but if you haven’t done it so far, do it now.



Improving and boosting marketing isn’t something that will work right away. It needs time. The changes you implement today will need time (sometimes a lot) to adjust and deliver results. It is important that you make changes at the right time and give them due time.

You still have some time left! Enter 2020 with a bang. Make the best use of these last days, do whatever you can to boost marketing for the current year and prepare yourself for the next year.


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