5 Reasons to Use Video in Your Marketing

Internet Marketing/ 5 Reasons to Use Video in Your Marketing

It seems like just a short time ago that Youtube and online video was primarily used for cat videos and online rants. Video has now evolved into one of the primary methods for businesses to communicate effectively to their current and potential clients. It is powerful and effective, and in this modern world, it has become very affordable.

Here are the top five reasons that you should incorporate video into your marketing strategy!


It Conveys Information Efficiently

For better or worse, people move very quickly these days. Potential customers are looking to gather as much information as quickly as they can and in the easiest way possible. Video facilitates this need better than any other medium. It is fast and requires little to no effort on behalf of the viewer. It’s efficient.

It’s Affordable

To create a basic marketing campaign, you really only need a smart phone with High Def video capability. That’s it. You can invest in some bookend graphics if you want to spruce it up, and possibly a high end video program (although there are many great free programs), but in terms of what you must have, you only need a Youtube account and that little device in your pocket!

It’s Compelling

There are elements of you and your services that can be better conveyed through video than through text. It allows people to get to know you, your office and your staff on a deeper level. You can show (not describe) all of the things your product can do. You can send exactly the message you would like in a more interesting way than you can through the written word. There is far more depth to a video display of a product or service than there is in some well written copy.

Unlimited Reach

With mobile devices advancing in leaps and bounds and data (Wifi or Mobile) becoming cheaper by the year, video can now be viewed almost anywhere and by anyone. There is no longer a limitation on reach as their once was.

Search Engine Optimization

YouTube ranks videos during searches using many different criteria including the number of views the video has, rankings by viewers, number of comments, the number of times the video was shared and the number of times your video has been embedded in other viewers’ sites. Above all, getting inbound links to your video is vitally important. Use social media sites, email blasts, whatever means you have available to you to encourage views and the end result will be increased web traffic!

If you haven’t given video a try yet, we encourage you to do so. Call Bush Marketing to explore video and other forms of internet marketing!


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