Email Marketing

Communication & Trust are the two main ingredients for a successful relationship.


Toronto Email Marketing Company - Bush MarketingEmail marketing
is a powerful tool for reaching out to your current clients and conveying information about your company to them on a consistent basis. Whether it’s a big announcement for your company, new services or products that you are offering, or just some free tips you’ve put on your blog, an email newsletter is the preferred and most effective method to keep your current and past clients up to date with the goings on of your business.

By utilizing email marketing, you can  reach target markets without enduring the high costs of print or traditional media advertising. It is simple, quick, highly customizable and very effective.

Custom Email Newsletter

  • A professional, custom tailored email newsletter
  • Logo/Branding continuity
  • Contact information
  • Website integration
  • Social Media integration
  • Custom Headlines and Copy
  • Logo/Branding continuity
  • Topical Images provided


If you are interested in our email newsletter services but are concerned about providing monthly content, consider out Blog Design Package and services, or contact us with questions. We’ll happily work with you to find the solution that best suits YOU!


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