Three Tips To Ensure YOUR Email is Opened & Read!

Content Marketing/ Three Tips To Ensure YOUR Email is Opened & Read!

You’ve been sending out your email newsletter. Sometimes you see a terrific open rate and lots of out clicks and other times it just lands flat and only a handful of people check it out. Often times the open rates are great but there’s no response! It can be frustrating to try and determine what went right and what went wrong.

Here are three guidelines to help you bring open rates and responses waaaay up!

1) Enticement

Your email subject line is a preview to what is being offered in the email. If you can’t sell them in the subject line then you are dead in the water. Some important tips to remember when creating a subject line:

  • Don’t sell. No discounts or pitches.
  • Ensure that the subject line is a preview the email content.
  • Keep it between 35-50 characters in length
  • Tease the reader with a heading that will make to want them read more.
  • Avoid these words at all costs: Help, Percent off, and Reminder.

2) Brevity

It’s a fast paced world and people want you to get to the point. An email that is too long immediately fills the reader with a sense of being burdened and the will simply delete and move on.

To get a fast response, use a few sentences of of introduction, a few sentences in the body conveying the information you wish, pose a question that you want the client to consider, and then sign off with a thank-you. That’s it.

3) Include Images

Whether it’s a header with a logo or images in the body, you really should have them to create a successful email newsletter. Online marketing in any capacity is a visual medium and the old adage of a picture telling a thousand words has never been more true today than ever before.

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