Must-Haves for Your Company Website

Web Design/ Must-Haves for Your Company Website


I once encountered a small business company website, an older one mind you, that contained no contact information whatsoever. There was no phone number, email address, contact form or physical address of the company’s location. From this website, which is supposed to be a resource for potential customers, it was impossible for me to contact this company. Astounding!

Let’s not make the same mistake. Here are seven must-haves for YOUR company website!

Phone Number

Whether it’s a toll-free number, a landline or even a cell number, you must have a way in which potential clients can call you. Even in this day and age, the telephone is still the preferred manner of communicating with new companies in business.


Email Address

Have a “contact@” or “info@” email address readily available on all of your website’s pages, and add it to the footer as well for good measure.


Contact Form

This is the most convenient way for a potential customer to contact your company with a question or a proposal. Many websites do without a contact form; I believe it’s a must.


Location (text form)

Have your company’s location or mailing address in actual text format on your contact page, your main page, your footer or all three.



Have a Google-based map on your contact page so that customers can view your company’s location and perhaps map out directions. It’s a must-have these days, no doubt about it.


Social Media Icons & Links

Generate word of mouth and allow your current and potential clients to keep up to date with your company’s progress or changes.


Hours of Operation

Not necessary for everyone, but critical for brick and mortar shop owners.



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