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Do You Need a New Website? A Simple Checklist.

There are loads of articles on the internet describing in tremendous detail why you may need a new company website. I thought I would cut through the fat and create a simple checklist so you can determine if it’s time to examine your online marketing.

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The Google Chrome Mute Site Option


When it comes to internet marketing, video is as robust and effective a marketing tool as any other. For a great many people, the preference is to have the information about a company or service delivered in video format, rather than taking the time to scan or read through written copy.

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Local SEO – 4 Critical Steps to Crush the Competition


Search engine optimization is constantly in flux. It changes all the time and it’s important for your website to keep up with best practices. One aspect of SEO that has exploded in the last few years is local SEO. Local SEO means taking measures to generate exposure and higher rankings in your local market.

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