Benefits of a Professionally Designed Powerpoint Presentation

Branding/ Benefits of a Professionally Designed Powerpoint Presentation

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see a business Powerpoint presentation, there are usually two critical elements in play.

The first element is the speaker themselves. A great speaker is organized, able to convey information in an engaging and meaningful way, and has charisma.

The second element is the visual aid that the speaker uses to present the subject.

Many of us have seen it before. A compelling speaker, clearly an authority in their field, is presenting an important topic, and the visual aids are not up to par. While uplifted and excited about the presentation, you feel pulled back down again by the do-it-yourself nature of PowerPoint presentation supporting the speaker.

Perhaps you have given a presentation in the past where you felt very confident about the material, but the visual aids are subpar. Not only is it unimpressive to the audience, but it can also negatively impact your confidence when presenting.

If this is the case, that may mean that it’s time to call in the pros. Let’s look at the benefits of a professionally made Powerpoint presentation.


Professional Powerpoint Design Toronto - bad slide
An example of a bad Powerpoint slide.


Professional Powerpoint Cements Credibility

As an experienced professional, it is vital to give your audience and prospective clients the best impression of you and your company. An attractive and impactful PowerPoint presentation can add to your credibility as an expert, in the same way that a DIY, subpar PowerPoint presentation can detract from your credibility. It does not reflect well on you or your company if the presentation slides are dull or slapdash.


Professional Powerpoint Displays Authority

Even if you give an expert presentation, packed with insightful and actionable information, a poorly constructed PowerPoint presentation can make you appear less of an expert than you are. As the old adage goes, “we eat with our eyes first”. A powerful visual representation of your content is extremely important in establishing your authority over the subject matter.


Professional Powerpoint Design Toronto - great intro slide
The opening slide from a Bush Marketing presentation.


Professional Powerpoint Increases Brand Impact

A professionally designed PowerPoint presentation will be brand consistent throughout and offer a strong brand impact on your audience. Whether you’re an owner of a small business, a C-level executive, or a member of the sales team, the point of giving this presentation is to have an impact on the audience and generate business.

It is a missed opportunity to not have every slide branded, and have high impact, brand consistent visuals on the opening and closing slides (at the very least). You want your audience to see your logo and your website URL at every opportunity. We want it to stick!


Professional Powerpoint Creates a Great First Impression

There’s a good chance that many of the people in your audience aren’t familiar with you, the work you do, or your company. That means that this presentation will be their first impression of you. Don’t you want to knock it out of the park? You want your audience leaving the presentation wanting to learn more about you and what you offer, and not leaving thinking to themselves, “Well, ok. Let’s get on to the next thing”.

Professional Powerpoint Design Toronto - Great inner slide
Inner page of a Bush Marketing presentation.


Professional Powerpoint is a Confidence Booster!

I have been guilty of it myself. Standing in front of an audience that is keen to hear me speak, and knowing that my Powerpoint presentation wasn’t high quality. While it certainly didn’t derail my presentation, it did impact my confidence as a speaker. It’s the same as having an old website, or a bad company brochure. If you don’t feel confident in your visuals, it will negatively impact your presentation. With first-class visuals, you will enjoy a confidence boost!



While a Powerpoint presentation certainly doesn’t “make the presenter”, it does have a major impact on how your audience will perceive you. It will influence how they view your expertise, your credibility, and will play a role in the decision to do business with you.

If you believe it is time to step up your game and want to invest in a professionally designed Powerpoint presentation, reach out to us.


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