Why Professional Copywriting is a Must for Your Website

Content Marketing/ Why Professional Copywriting is a Must for Your Website

In the eyes of many, the value of professional copywriting is hard to assess because it cannot be directly  measured, even if you go by website traffic, clicks, and responses. But rather the value comes from proving credibility, authority and success in the solutions you offer. It is a profound influencer.

Quality copywriting can significantly enhance your target audience’s trust in your brand. And when written strategically, it can also help increase traffic to your site, and make users more likely to promote your brand to others.

When you launch a new website, you want it to attract high traffic and influence the site visitors. So naturally, you may invest in graphic design and technical elements like forms and other plugins. More often than not, however, it is your website content is among the top factors that contribute to your site’s success.

This post details the essence of copywriting, its significance to your website, and why it may be the primary reason for the ineffectiveness of your company website.


You are Not Communicating Well with Your Customers

The simple reason why a website with user-friendly copywriting ranks higher and gets more traffic is that it offers easy-to-understand content. Today, the average online attention span for users is only eight seconds, according to a 2015 Microsoft study. This means that your target audience will skim over any complicated or confusing copywriting, or skip it altogether.

To attract and retain targeted traffic to your site and to effectively influence them, you need to create quality  content that is easy to understand.

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Failure to Mention Your Subject Content’s Most Important Aspects

Quality copywriting should complement your website design. As content is your primary seller of your product or services, you need to showcase the essential aspects that create value for your customers. This may include quality services, past and current successes or possibly a new product offering.

If your website can clearly articulate the great features that your company offers its clients, it will create a great impression leading to higher traffic and conversion.

Remember the following when describing your company’s qualities to a copywriter:

  • You must know the exact qualities that define and set you apart from your competition.
  • Know what will appeal to your ideal client. You need to understand your target audience to know which type of content appeals to them now and in the future.


It is a Skill That You Lack

It is a great misconception that everyone can write. The assumption is that as a business owner or executive, you know your company better than anyone, so why not write for the website? The reality in almost all cases we’ve encountered is that the designated person at the company did not have the skillset to write effective, compelling copy, and did not know how to write for their target audience.

Hiring a professional copywriter has numerous benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. These include:

  • It will save you time that you can invest in your business
  • You present quality content to your target audience
  • It eliminates novice copywriting mistakes such as spelling and grammatical errors
  • You generate persuasive and convincing content
  • You enjoy stress-free website optimization

You should be honest and direct in all correspondence with your copywriter to prevent any miscommunication issues from arising. This will create a free working environment, which is conducive for creativity and allows your copywriter to generate the quality content that will impact your website visitors.

Feel free to offer examples to your copywriter if you feel that they do not get your point of view. It also helps to have frequent communication to improve the final product.


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