Prepping for Your Bush Marketing Photoshoot

Internet Marketing/ Prepping for Your Bush Marketing Photoshoot

In order to have the most successful shoot possible, here is a guide to prepping for the big day!



Keep in mind all of the elements that you would use these images for. This may include your website, social media and digital and print advertising.



How do you want to be perceived? These images will represent your brand and the tone that your wish your clients, prospects and network to have of you and your company.



  • Try to ensure a light week surrounding the shoot.
  • Select clothing that looks good and “feels” good (makes you confident). Dry clean your clothes prior to the shoot.
  • If you aren’t happy with your clothes for the shoot, you may want to do some shopping.



  • Avoid loud colours, distracting patterns or large logos
  • Avoid clothing that wrinkles easily or attracts lint, dust or animal hair
  • For team photos, ensure that the team is dressed in the same professional level of attire. Avoid group shots with contrasting outfits.



Three days before the shoot

  • Exercise, reduce alcohol intake and get lots of sleep

Two days before the shoot

  • Eat healthier, hydrate and relax

Day of the shoot

  • Stretch and meditate, eat very light, AVOID work stress prior to the session

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