Photos: Internet Marketing’s Greatest Weapon

Content Marketing/ Photos: Internet Marketing’s Greatest Weapon

There has been a shift happening in the general philosophy of online marketing, and it has been a long time coming. The notion of telling people about your business through copy is quickly moving over to the idea of showing people your business via images. More and more small to mid -sized businesses are telling the story of their companies, their people, and what they offer through photos. And it’s working.

Photos were once a costly aspect of doing business but no longer. Just look at that little device in your pocket. With the latest smart phones one can create high resolution photos on the fly and with that same device upload them to a variety of social media marketing platforms. Free of charge, on the fly marketing; a dream for any small business owner.

Here are some tips for using photos in your online marketing.

    • Learn the settings for your smart phone’s camera
      It is important to make sure that you are using the smart phone camera to the best of it’s ability. Use Google to search for the name of your phone (and model) and the words “camera tips”.
    • Understand the Rule of Thirds (framing your subject)
      Poorly framed photos can be a little off-putting. Read this terrific article on the Rule of Thirds and how to properly frame the subject matter of a photo.
    • Properly name and describe the photo when posting
      When posting to the various social media platforms, make sure to write a little something about the photo. This will give the photo some context and make it more relatable to the viewer.
    • Be creative
      Have a little fun with the photos. Play around with  Instagram’s various filters. A little creativity will make the images much more engaging to the client/customer.
    • Always be ready to shoot
      If you are at a business event, be ready to take a photo. Meeting with some clients? Be ready. You never know when a perfect photo opportunity can pop up so keep your phone in tow and keep photos in the back of your mind at all times!


Almost all social media platforms have or are moving towards being more image driven. Take advantage of this and get snapping!


Andy Bush, President


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