What is Offsite SEO?

SEO/ What is Offsite SEO?

Link building is an offsite SEO strategy that establishes the authority and visibility of a website on various search engines like Google. Google is looking to see how many other high authority sites are linking to you and the more that do the more authority your site is given and is thus rewarded with higher search engine rankings. Essentially it’s a popularity contest, and link building shows Google that the important people like you.

Therein lies the challenge of link building: which sites are respected by Google, and which are not? If you select the right sites then the link building campaign can be a powerful tool for moving up the Google ranks. If you select sites that are unimportant or even frowned upon by Google, than you could potentially damage your position and drop in the rankings.

This is where we come in. Our link building campaign strategies are specifically designed to embrace only sites that Google favours. And as Google tends to change it’s criteria for what it deems as authoritative in link building, we diversify the link building methods so that not all of your proverbial eggs are in one basket. This can include linking through directory listings, online review websites, social citations, RSS feeds, map listings, etc…

Link building campaigns are on-going, and are trial and error in their nature. It is more of an art then a science. That being said, it is incredibly effective when conducted properly and if you are struggling in the ranks we highly recommend it.

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