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Content Marketing/ LinkedIn Best Practices

All social media sites are unique; they have their own language, their own dynamic, and most importantly, their own form of etiquette. Conduct which may be acceptable or even encouraged on one social media site may be taboo on another. Today we are going to look at what constitutes proper conduct on LinkedIn.

Here are some guidelines to make sure that you look and behave your best!


Keep it Professional, People!

LinkedIn is a network of business people looking to grow their professional network, search for new clients and find employment opportunities. It is also a great venue for sharing ideas and comparing experiences from the professional world. It is not, however, a place to share personal experiences that are not business-related, pictures of cats or pratfall videos. There is a place for that, and it is called Facebook. Keep it business related at all times.


Pace Yourself

One of the most off-putting behaviors found on LinkedIn is over-posting or over-sharing. It is important to be consistent in your posts but be wary of posting too much in one go. How much is the right amount? No more than two posts per day. People do not want to look at their LinkedIn updates wall and see five things in a row from one person. It’s annoying.


Write a Personal Connection Request

This one is critical. LinkedIn is good enough to create a basic introduction request for you. You may have seen it:


If you wish to connect with someone it is very important to customize this message. If you do not, people may view your connection request as spam and if that happens you could end up in LinkedIn Jail (yes, it’s real).


Have a Profile Picture

Remember that this is a representation of you in the world of business. It needs to look its best in order to give those you interact with the best impression of YOU. You wouldn’t show up to a meeting in dirty jeans and a t-shirt, so don’t slack off here either!


Capitalize Your Name

See above!


Create a Welcome Message That Offers Something

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you have a terrific opportunity to build a relationship with this new contact by opening up a dialogue. Don’t just connect and do nothing! Write a welcoming message. Offer to be of service to them. If you have any promotional materials (PDF Flyer, Downloadable Guide, etc) offer them a link to it. Invite them to look at your contact list to see if they would like to connect with someone there. This will create goodwill and help  to form a bond, which can lead to more connections and potential referrals!


Follow these guidelines and you will see lots of success on LinkedIn!



Andy Bush, President



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