3 Benefits of Landing Pages

Tips/ 3 Benefits of Landing Pages

Landing pages are so important and not something that are given consideration by many company owners/executives. Think of your landing page as the very first impression a customer will get of your company. You have one shot to make it count – how do you think you’ll do? When a customer lands on your landing page, either from an email, a paid digital ad, or anywhere you have your website listed, you may have only one chance to turn that potential customer into a lead.

Wait, you’re talking about my website, right? Not quite. A landing page is a standalone page with a strong call to action. Yes, it lives on your website but it plays a different role. Think of your website as a lobby area, where customers can go many different ways. Your landing page is more like a specific room, with a specific purpose.

Your landing page should be optimized to drive people to a call-to-action, generate data and insights, and also increase credibility and search engine optimization for your business.

Here are three benefits of having a dedicated landing page:


Landing pages drive conversions

Your landing page is an area to collect customer information needed in order to get the people landing on your site into your sales funnel. Like we mentioned above, you’ll need a call-to-action front and centre on your landing page that will drive people to act. You can do this by getting them to fill out a form for more information, download an e-Book, sign up for a newsletter, book a demo, or whatever call-to-action makes sense for your business. That way, you can collect personal information and ultimately, sell to them or re-target your ads to keep them in your sales funnel until you close the deal.

Once you have these customers, you can now serve them up relevant ads to them via your paid ad campaigns, you can email them special offers, you can cold-call them or get them on a demo – the options are endless and depend on the right tactic for your business.


Gather data and insights

Your landing page should be set up to collect data and insights on who is entering your site, and where they are coming from. Once you have this data, you can optimize your marketing efforts, specifically your digital ads, and you can tailor your call-to-action and sales funnel. As your Toronto web design team, we can set up your landing page to collect cookies and other data for you to gather information on who is visiting your page.

Relevancy is everything when it comes to sales and marketing, and the people who are hitting your landing page are going to be some of your most valuable prospects since they’ve already shown interest in your company.


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Increase credibility and increase SEO

When people land on your landing page, this is their first look at your company from whatever avenue they came from – whether it’s an email, paid ad, or social media link. They can now see that what you’re offering is legitimate. You can also include some testimonials, so they know that they can trust your company and brand.

With that, the content on the landing page also works to increase your SEO. This is because the content on the page is the most relevant and targeted to the customers you are trying to attract. Here you can use keywords and tags to ensure that your page ranks high on Google.


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Don’t overlook landing pages!

Many businesses either use their home page of their website as a landing page, or throw a landing page together as an afterthought. This is a huge mistake! Your landing page is a valuable sales tool, and it can help you convert more customers, rank higher on Google, increase your brand, get more customers on your email newsletter, and book more demos. The list goes on.

Take the time to have the right keywords and tagging, as well as a strong call-to-action and an effective form for people to easily, quickly fill out.

Once you have everything in place, use the data and insights you get to inform your sales and marketing decisions. Successful internet marketing relies heavily on analyzing metrics and tweaking strategies that are dependent upon those metrics. One of the most important metrics you can view is your conversion rate.

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