Top 4 Infographic Strategies You Should Implement Today

Content Marketing/ Top 4 Infographic Strategies You Should Implement Today

Infographics are one of the most effective branding strategies companies use to promote their products and services. These are visually captivating charts, illustrations, or diagrams designed to present information in a simple-to-understand way. Research suggests that infographics can improve the reading and comprehension levels of viewers by up to 50%.

The use of infographics has been around for some time, and its adoption has increased significantly in that period. Therefore, getting your audience’s attention is not just about creating infographics but designing the best ones. The goal is to capture and retain your audience’s attention so that they can take in the information you present.

As a bonus, if your infographic is compelling, your audience will share it, giving your brand even more exposure. In this article, you will find some insightful tips on how to create infographics that stand out.


1.      It’s All About the Data

As you prepare to create an infographic, remember it is all about the information you want to pass across. Even with the most visually striking chart but without relevant and useful information for your audience, you will not achieve your objective.

Here’s what you should do to get it right:

Define Your Audience

The first step in creating a killer infographic is determining who your target audience is and what they want.  The infographics that gain the most traction address the issues that their audience is most concerned with.


Go Deep in Your Search for Data

Once you identify the topic to focus on in your infographic, gather the relevant data. Since your audience is already interested in the subject matter, they’re likely also somewhat knowledgeable about it. Therefore, you should go deep and gather data that is not surface-level.

The design may captivate them, but ultimately, it is the value they get that will keep them. Also, by offering different perspectives or new information, your audience will be eager to share your infographic.


2.      Keep It Visual

The secret behind creating effective infographics is focusing on visuals rather than text. Convert the data you gather into visual representations such as charts, graphs, pictograms, etc. Consider the purpose of your infographic so that you can use the appropriate visual representation.

For instance, if you are comparing two sets of data, charts and tables will do the job perfectly. However, if you want to show your audience how two data sets are correlated, you should go for a graph.

More importantly, even though you will use minimal texts, ensure that your infographic has a story that flows and is easy to follow.


3.      Simplicity Is Key

Infographics allow you to break down complex data into easy-to-understand bite-sized information. This is how you want it to be: easy to understand. Therefore, the focus of each infographic should always revolve around one topic.

Incorporating multiple topics will only complicate it, thus negating the primary benefit of using the infographic.


4.      Create a Captivating Title

Infographics are supposed to be visually appealing to get your audience to view. However, what will bring your audience to the infographic in the first place? For this, you need a creative and engaging title to act as your hook. The title will grab their attention, then the graphics will reel them in, and the information you provide will determine whether they’ll keep on reading and share or leave it halfway.


Don’t Forget to Promote Your Killer Infographic

There’s no need to profile your audience, do research to get the most insightful data, design an alluring infographic, and then leave it to sit there. You want your infographic to go viral? Then promote it the same way you would a new product or content.

Easy ways to achieve this is by first ensuring it’s shareable and asking users to share it on their social media pages. You can also go the extra mile and seek exposure via influential sources within your niche. It is only by promoting your infographic that it will gain traction.

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