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You work hard every month to create fresh content for your blog, but did you know that by implementing some basic SEO measures, you can get a higher Google rank for your blog posts? Well you do now. By following this simple guideline you can get Google to show you the love!

1) Keyword optimize the blog web address

When posting a blog post, you are able to alter the name of the post URL to whatever you want. Adding keywords to the URL is a great way to let Google know more about the content in the post. The URL for this blogpost is:

This tells Google exactly what the article is about while using critical keywords like “higher Google rank” and “blog posts”. These keyword terms match what someone might be putting into Google to search for exactly this type of article. The more we help inform Google of the information provided in the article, the more we will be rewarded.


2) Creating Organic/Optimized Titles

This is very much the same principle as listed above. The title of your blog post should appeal to both Google and human beings. Important note! We always want our titles and articles to be organic. Don’t try to create a title that appeals solely to Google’s SEO requirements and ignores the natural writing that would appeal to a human.

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3) Get Social!

Google rewards websites and blog posts that have social media integration. On top of that, we have the option to gamin more exposure for the post we worked so hard to create. Make sure that you have a social share option in place. WordPress, the most common platform for websites and blogging, has many free social share plugins.


4) Keyword Use in the Copy

We have used keywords in the title and the URL, now we want to place them in the copy. If you can create and opening sentence or paragraph that involves your keywords, great. Tread carefully though. Google’s algorithms are very sensitive to an abuse of SEO called keyword stuffing, which means to cram as many keywords into a post as possible, to the point where the copy reads as nonsense. Here is an example of keyword stuffing:

We sell metal widgets. Our metal widgets are handmade. If you’re thinking of buying metal widgets, please contact our metal widget specialists at

DO NOT DO THIS. You will be penalized for it. Again, make sure that your copy is natural and organic.


5) Mobile Friendly

It is critical to ensure that your blog or website is mobile friendly. This is now a must. When it comes to mobile searches, which are growing at a seemingly exponential rate, Google rewards websites or blogs that are mobile friendly and essentially ignores those that are not. If your blog or website isn’t mobile, you need to get mobile and fast.


6) Headers, Short Paragraphs and Bullet Points.

In this super fast paced world that we now live in, people now scan before they read. It is critical to give them the option to read about what they are going to read about. The best way to do that is to use headers (H1 or H2), shorter paragraphs and bullet points.


7) Linking Internally

Lastly, make sure that if you reference something in your blog post that you offer on your blog or website in greater detail, make sure you link to it! It could be something as a service that you offer, or perhaps an article from the past. I am writing this article, for example, because Bush Marketing offers SEO services and Web Design servicesPracticing good SEO is very important for your business and is something you should consider when hiring the right marketing agency.

See what I did there?


Put these principles into practice and Google will respond. Don’t let your hard work go to waste!


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