Heat Mapping For Business Websites

Internet Marketing/ Heat Mapping For Business Websites

When designing a website, one of the primary goals is conversion. This is the process of taking an undecided visitor who is looking at your website and getting them to stop and reach out. Conversion requires sophisticated design and content strategy. But how do you know if it’s working? One of the most effective methods of seeing if your conversion strategy works is heat mapping.

Heat mapping is an underrated and underutilized tool that can give you tremendous insights into your visitors’ actions. In this article, we will explain heat mapping and the benefits that come from viewing the results of a heat map.


What is Heat Mapping?

Quite simply, heat maps are used to determine exactly where visitors are clicking on your website. These clicks are then presented in a colored report so that you have a visual representation of the activity on your website. The hot areas of a web page are designated by bright colors such as red and yellow, whereas areas of lesser activity are represented by colors like green and blue.

This allows us to see what is valuable to our website visitors, and what is not. With this information, we are able to streamline our website and make sure that only the most valuable information is provided to the client!


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The Value of Heat Mapping for Your Business Website

Now that we know what heat mapping is, what are some of the benefits? Here are just a few:

  • Heat maps can help you understand the effectiveness of your calls-to-action on your website. Are they effective, and are they located in an effective place?
  • Heat Maps allow you to “cut the fat” of your website and eliminate any unnecessary or undesirable content or design elements.
  • Heat mapping allows you to improve customer retention on your website, reducing the number of visitors who migrate away.
  • Heat maps can help you enhance elements of your website like headers, images and web forms.

All of this ultimately leads to one important goal: conversion. The purpose of your website is to act as a sales tool. We are trying to generate new business through the website and heat mapping help us fine tune the website to best serve our prospective clients.


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Clicks and Scrolling

Heat Maps record two critical activities of your website visitors. The first as we’ve mentioned, is where they click. This gives us great insight into the information that they are trying to find.

The second activity that is tracked is how far down the page the visitor is scrolling. We know that a visitor will be interested in the content that exists above the fold, but it can be a challenge to get visitors to scroll beneath the fold. Are they doing so? Have we positioned the content in a way that entices them to continue scrolling down?

If not, we need to either rework the content that exists above the fold, or rework/reduce the content that exists below the fold.  Again, we are always trying to create the best user experience for your prospective clients.


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Heat mapping on a website offers hard data explaining visitor usage and eliminates the need for guesswork or speculation. Heat maps are a valuable tool for fine-tuning and making sure that your website meets the needs of the visitors, and increases your potential for conversion.

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