Why We Love Google Suite for Business (And You Should, Too!)

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For many businesses, Google Suite has become the preferred collection of productivity tools to facilitate operations and communication. There are a great many benefits to using Google apps, and here is the list of our favorites.

What is Google Apps (Google Suite)?

Google apps, or more specifically Google Suite, is a collection of online apps designed to help your company run more efficiently and communicate better. Some of the products included in Google Suite are email, cloud storage, documents and spreadsheets, and an online calendar.

All of these apps work seamlessly together to make communication and collaboration as easy as possible.

Google Suite has many benefits, we will take a look at some of those below.

Google Suite is Cloud Based

Having all of your applications based in the cloud means accessibility from any computer anytime. This is very beneficial when you have multiple persons working on multiple jobs, or there’s a lot of travel with your team.

As companies are trending towards a remotely based structure, it is important that all team members are able to access files and apps from multiple locations. There’s nothing to install, everything’s on the internet.

Google Suite/Cloud Storage is Secure

Google offers some of the highest levels of security available for cloud-based data. It is critical to know that your information is safe and secure and Google security measures are exceptional.

The Basic Google Suite package gives you 30 gigabytes worth of data, which is a hefty amount. You can always purchase more if you need it. No longer do you need to worry about hard drives failing, fires in the office or floods ruining computers etc. It is safe, secure and backed up.

Google Suite is Affordable

The price for Google apps or G Suite is measured on a per-person basis. The basic rate is $5 per person, but can jump up to $10 per person for a business account. As with a lot of online services nowadays, Google gives you a free month to test it out.

Google Suite is Collaborative

One of the mind-blowing benefits of using the Google Docs and the Google spreadsheet apps, is that multiple people can live edit at the same time. That means that there is no more creating a document, sending it to one person to edit, then having them send it to another and having them edit it.

You can even see the edits being done by each person as it’s being done. It is a tremendous time saver and streamlines the process brilliantly.

Google Suite Allows For Company Email Addresses

You always want to maintain the highest level of professionalism and that certainly applies to the email address you use. Google Apps, and Gmail, will allow you to use the company domain name for your emails. That means instead of using an @gmail.com address, you can use your @companyname.com.

Popular Google Apps

There are a lot of Google apps to choose from, these are our top picks.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows for 30 GB of storage as mentioned above, you can use that to store documents, images, video and anything else you may need. Additional gigabytes can be purchased if you find you’re running out of storage at a very reasonable price. Not to mention it is very secure.

Google Docs

When people think of Google docs they generally think of the equivalent of Microsoft Word or the equivalent of Microsoft Excel. But it also includes sheets, presentations, forms and sites. An added benefit is that if you are used to using Microsoft products, Google Docs is compatible, so you can open those documents in Google Docs.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts allows you a variety of communication tools. It allows you text chatting, audio and video calls, and video conferencing with screen sharing. It is a very powerful communications application.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a powerful but easy to use online calendar application, that allows for color coding events, multiple users, and device synchronization.


Gmail is an email application that is simple to useĀ and is very powerful in that there are a lot of features. It allows you filtering, filing tags and groups. You can even use your corporate email address!


So that’s why we at Bush Marketing love G Suites. It is intuitive, state-of-the-art, secure, and very reasonably priced.


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