The Google Chrome Mute Site Option


When it comes to internet marketing, video is as robust and effective a marketing tool as any other. For a great many people, the preference is to have the information about a company or service delivered in video format, rather than taking the time to scan or read through written copy.

web design toronto - autoplayUnfortunately, some companies choose to shoot themselves in the foot by implementing the autoplay video feature on their websites. Yikes. We’ve all been through it. You’re looking for some information on a company’s’ website, you load it up, and all of a sudden, some stock music comes blasting out of your computer.


Google Chrome Mute Site

Google understands our pain, and they’ve implemented a marvelous feature called the “Mute Site” option in their Chrom browser. If you arrive on a website that is guilty of this crime, you simply right click on the open tab, select “Mute Site”, and the problem is solved. From now on no audio will play from that site unless you “Unmute” the site.


Now while this solves problem for us, the consumer, it is clearly detrimental to anybody who has invested in video for their marketing, and has made the mistake of having auto-playing video on their website.


If you have auto-playing video on your website, make sure you turn that feature off. This creates a better user experience for your prospective client, and if you don’t, you may just get muted forever!

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