What Makes an Effective Plastic Surgery Website?

Web Design/ What Makes an Effective Plastic Surgery Website?


Plastic surgery websites, when being created, should always be one specific goal; converting visitors into clients. Measures need to be taken to bring that casual visitor along to picking up the phone or filling in that contact form submission.


Plastic Surgery Websites, Toronto

In this article, we will detail the different elements of a plastic surgery website that will compel visitors to make that call.


Simple Navigation

It is critical that an effective plastic surgery website is easy for your potential clients to navigate. There is a lot of information being conveyed from the plastic surgery practice to the visitor, and if it is presented in a convoluted or illogical manner that potential client can become frustrated and move on. Plastic surgery, Toronto plastic surgery in particular, is highly competitive and these visitors can simply move on to a competitor’s website. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.


Services/Written Content

Your potential clients are going to be making a big decision with regard to this cosmetic procedure. It can permanently affect their appearance and can be a substantial financial investment. It is essential to establish a degree of trust with this client, and the best way to do that is by providing any and all information that they may need. This can (and should) include:

  • Services Descriptions
  • What to Expect
  • Financial Information
  • Surgeon Profiles/Qualifications
  • Pre-op/Post-op Information

This valuable information and transparency will help establish that trust it requires for a potential client to reach out.


Before/After Rich Media

Plastic Surgery Websites & Web Design Toronto
It is vital to show your potential clients exactly what results they can expect from a procedure.

It is one thing to tell your potential clients what results they can expect, it’s entirely different to show them. Featuring before/after photos, case studies and video showing the original state of the client, the medical process, and the end result is valuable evidence that you are the right choice for them. It is compelling material and essential to effectively convincing your plastic surgeon clients to contact you.


Highest Quality Design

The development of a plastic surgery website is not the place to cut corners. The quality of your design and graphics are a direct reflection of your practice and if it looks subpar or even self-made, your potential clients will leave and not look back. All Bush Marketing plastic surgery websites are custom designed for your practice and are of exceptional quality.


Search Engine Optimization

As previously mentioned, the plastic surgery field is a hyper-competitive, particularly in a major metropolis. Your website not only needs to be effective in converting visitors into prospects, but we must generate traffic for the site. Bush Marketing will design your website and take the necessary measures to get your website to rank high on Google. The higher your website ranks, the more visitors the website receives.


Dynamic Content/Blog

Once again, for plastic surgery websites, the more content the better. To produce dynamic content such as blog posts, on a regular basis will not only offer potential clients more information that they can learn from, but also give your past and present clients a reason to visit your site again. Here are some of the benefits of blogging.

• Blogs convey a personality
Allows a unique voice and the opportunity to write in a conversational tone that makes your practice appear more “human”.

• Blogs improve search engine rankings
Via keyword-rich content, fresh content and additional indexed pages.

• Blogs support an array of media formats
Including text, photographs, graphics, videos, audio, presentations and PDFs.

• Blogs supply content for social media campaigns.
Content is the fire, social media is the gasoline.

• Blogs are flexible
Blogs can help companies achieve a variety of goals, such as providing product-related content, answering customer questions and attracting new prospects,


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