Digital Brochures | 6 Reasons Your Business Needs Them

Branding/ Digital Brochures | 6 Reasons Your Business Needs Them

In recent years, business marketing has changed dramatically. Traditional channels have very often been replaced with digital ones. This is not to say however that old-school marketing channels have been rendered obsolete.

Even today, brochures are still one of the most effective ways of introducing a business to potential clients. With a brochure, you can tell your audience about your company, what it offers, and what the brand stands for.

A growing trend among businesses is the use of digital brochures along with hard-copy ones. Digital brochures are essentially company brochures in a digital format designed for online audiences.

Read on to find out why digital brochures are vital for modern-day marketing.


1.      Easily Distributed


I was recently asked by a CEO prospect for a copy of our company brochure so he could distribute it to his board of directors prior to their meeting. With a print brochure that would have required sending one or multiple brochures to the facility and then having someone manually distribute them.

With our digital brochure, I sent it over in an email and it was distributed to the board with a quick email forward. They were able to learn about our company in advance with little to no effort on our part or the part of the prospect!


2.      Instant Updates


In comparison with printed brochures, digital brochures allow you to make changes in very little time. Once you hand a physical catalog to a client, they will have unchanging information about your company and product and service offerings.

Companies change constantly and your marketing assets need to keep up. Your company may develop new products, service packages, or run promotions with reduced prices, among other things. It is impossible to adjust information on traditional brochures without doing a huge reprint/redistribution. Without these impediments, you are free to update and distribute digital brochures quickly and with little cost.


3.      Digital Brochures Can Be Shared on Social Platforms


Printed brochures have serious drawbacks when it comes to distribution. It is not uncommon for a company to purchase thousands of printed brochures, only to have them sit on a storage room shelf, serving no purpose and eventually becoming outdated.  Ease of distribution is a huge plus for a company looking to prosper and grow awareness. A digital brochure can be distributed through social channels, email newsletters, sales prospecting emails, etc.

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4.      Affordability


Cost management is a key component of business success. In this regard, digital brochures are an excellent investment as they are reasonably priced AND offer great marketing value. As mentioned, there are no paper or printing costs involved, meaning a huge savings in the long run. Once the digital brochure is complete, all you have to do is make it available on your website and other online platforms.

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5.      Digital Brochures are Compatible with Different Devices


From desktop computers to smartphones and tablets, there are many devices that users rely on to access the internet. That means a variety of different screen sizes. Regardless of the device, a digital brochure when designed professionally can be viewed with ease on multiple devices.


6.      Visually Captivating


Brochures are designed to be colorful and alluring. With human beings being visual creatures, a brochure can better communicate your brand’s value proposition than text on landing pages or a plain print brochure. More importantly, they will retain the information better. This is because 80% of people remember what they see compared to 20% who remember what they read.


Are Digital Brochures Worth It?


When it comes to marketing, success is measured by the return on investment (ROI). In this regard, digital brochures are ideal as they come with an initial investment with little to no ongoing costs and, at the same time, offering tremendous potential exposure for your brand.


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