5 Web Design Trends That Are Dead and Gone!

Tips/ 5 Web Design Trends That Are Dead and Gone!

In the blink of an eye, technology changes and evolves. Web design is constantly adapting to new trends and best practices. Just as animated backgrounds and rainbow-colored ClipArt titles are a thing of the 1990s, there are many web design trends that have rolled out in the 21st century that need to have their final day on your website.

It’s important to keep your web design fresh and intuitive, as web design plays a huge role in search engine ranking, mobile viewing, and generating leads. An outdated website could mean missed opportunities, so it’s more important than ever to stay on top of trends – the old and the new.

Here are some web design trends that need to disappear for good:


Webpages that are Way Too Long

If you haven’t heard of “above the fold,” then chances are your webpage is already missing the mark on a common best practice. Above the fold is an old term that refers to the most valuable real estate on a newspaper – the content on the front page above where the newspaper folds over on itself and is displayed in the sales shelves. Your webpage should follow the same best practice – user’s attention spans are becoming ever shorter, and it’s important that your call-to-action and most valuable, actionable content hits users before they have to scroll even once.


Mobile “Versions” of Websites

There are mobile responsive websites and mobile versions of websites. Mobile versions are poorly designed knockoffs of the original website so that people can at least read your website on mobile devices. This is no longer acceptable; your website should be 100% responsive, designed to look incredible on all devices. Why? Because most people are viewing your website on mobile first over desktop. They are clicking to your site from Google Maps, social media, and other sites on-the-go and need to access your webpage from the palm of your hand.


TMI – Too Much Information!

Minimalism is not only taking over modern design, it has taken over web design. Less is more when it comes to web design, as you don’t want to assume that users are going to sift through mountains of information to get to the heart of what your website is trying to convey. Make it easy for users to navigate your website, learn about your company, and why they should work with you. Let’s get them where you want them to be – ready to act.


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Shoddy Stock Images

Your website is an investment, and the images on it can really make or break the credibility of your website. If you’re going to use stock imagery, pay for the best quality images and make sure they’re authentic. Alternatively, consider investing in a custom shoot, and create a bank of real, relevant images for your website and marketing materials. It is an exceptional investment in your company.


Long Form Text vs. Visuals

Videos are much more high impact than static content. In fact video increases a customers purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. Remember that website users are unwilling to offer a great deal of their time and attention. Videos, infographics, images, and short bullet lists are are more successful in engaging your prospects than paragraph stacked on paragraph.


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Conclusion: Don’t “Set It and Forget It”.

The most important thing to remember about your web design is that it has to constantly evolve with the times and your company. It’s not something you design once, and leave for five years. You should be constantly aiming to optimize the look and feel of your website to suit your clients’ needs.

Working with a web design company is an investment that will pay you back over and over again, by ensuring your website appears on the top of searches and generates the leads your company can use to hit their goals.


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