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You’ve been working hard to make sure that your clients are happy and satisfied with your service or product. Some of you have even been collecting testimonials from them. Fantastic. Now we’re going to take it up a level.

Why Are Google Reviews Important?

Google Reviews allows people to view client testimonials of your business while searching for companies like yours on Google. Potential clients put a tremendous amount of stock in evidence that you do good work, like positive reviews and case studies.

Not just that, but the more positive the reviews, and the more reviews you collect, the further up the Google My Business ranks your business will go. You can show your potential clients that you are a respected company AND dramatically increase your SEO!


Asking For Google Reviews

So what’s the catch?¬†We are asking someone to do us a favor, which means we need to make it as easy as humanly possible for them to do so. The more complicated the process, the less likely it is that they will do it!

Give them very clear instructions in an email as to how to go about it. Always ask for a review immediately after the service has been performed or the product has been sold when the client is at their happiest. Here is the email that we send to our clients, along with handy instructions showing them how to write the Google review. And we have (at the time of this article) 30 Five Star Reviews:


We are thrilled that you are happy with your experience with our team! I would be very grateful if you would consider leaving a 5 STAR Google review for Bush Marketing. And it’s easy!

Just click here, click Write a Review, then click 5 STARS and write a sentence or two about your experience with Bush Marketing!

Thanks, Andy



Collecting Google Reviews will have a tremendous impact on the SEO of your company and will display customer satisfaction immediately upon your potential customers finding you on Google.


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