7 HUGE Benefits of Video Marketing

Content Marketing/ 7 HUGE Benefits of Video Marketing

Video is progressing rapidly because it’s popular, easy to digest, and it’s a welcomed relief from the overabundance of online textual information. That is why, according to Wyzowl statistics, 63 percent of businesses are using video content marketing, and another 82 percent feel that it has become an essential part of their strategy.

If you are wondering whether it is worth implementing in your marketing strategy – the answer is yes. This article shares seven benefits of video marketing that will convince you of its importance, so continue reading.

Video Generates Trust

Content marketing is based on trust, which is the basis of conversions and sales. You also need to create long-term relationships as you build new ones to boost sales. You need to stop selling people on your products and let them come to you by providing interesting and useful information on your website.

And guess what? Nothing engages people and ignites emotions more than video. This is why YouTubers and Instagramers have become some of the most powerful social media influencers for businesses and brands alike.

Promotional videos can also foster trust. Some users still remain skeptical about purchasing products and services online due to fraud and cheating. So, a well-crafted promotional video about your products is crucial in increasing conversions. In fact, 57 percent of consumers reported that video gave them the confidence to make an online purchase.


It Increases Conversions & Sales

According to Insivia, including video on your landing page can result in an 80 percent increase in conversions. Video also leads directly to sales with 74 percent of users buying a product after watching its explainer video. This level of effectiveness is not surprising, given that vision is the most dominant sense.


It Produces Exceptional ROI

Wyzowl reports that 83 percent of businesses believe that video gave them a great Return on Investment (ROI). Video production is not the cheapest or easiest form of marketing strategy, however, it pays off immensely. This is largely due to the explosion of smartphone sales/use that started several years back.


Google ADORES It

Here’s the thing, videos allow you to engage visitors on your site for longer compared to plain text. And search engines like Google are more likely to rank sites with longer exposure higher because they have good content. Moovlly statistics show that your site is 53 times more likely to rank higher on Google if there is an embedded video.

And remember, it’s the content that matters. You need to explain your product or service clearly and show users how and why it benefits them.

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It Appeals to Mobile Users

With 90 percent of consumers watching videos on their mobile gadgets and smartphones use gaining popularity by the day, it follows that video marketing is crucial. Video consumption rises 100 percent year on year, which means that your potential audience will keep getting bigger.

However, this also means that you need to be more sensitive to your audience’s personal experience, such as customizing your website for mobile devices.

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Video Marketing Helps You Explain With Greater Clarity

Whether a company profile or explainer video, you can communicate everything about your product/service in an interesting and compelling way. You can even create animated explainers to explain difficult content better than any other marketing media available to you.



Video is a great learning tool because it is easy to consume. So instead of only providing long product descriptions on your site, give your users the option of video. It allows you to capture everyone’s attention from the “reading averse” to those with short attention spans.


The Bottom Line

This form of marketing is growing and has grown, mainly because it’s easy to spread over the Internet, it reaches a wider audience, it engages everyone, and it’s appealing to mobile users. These are just some of the reasons why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

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