6 Tips to Success on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a terrific resource for connecting with other professionals and growing your network. It allows people to search for potential clients and reach out to them through your connections. Unfortunately, many, MANY LinkedIn profiles are not fleshed out properly and contain only the bare minimum of information. Here are some tips to find more success on LinkedIn.

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#1 Create a Compelling Headline

LinkedIn allows you to create your own professional description, but few people take advantage of this capability. Most people simply allow the default “current position” to be their headline. Create something intriguing and implement it so that you can grab the attention of potential contacts and customers.

#2 Complete your Profile

Incomplete profiles give the impression that you’ve not put in the time and effort to present yourself well online. People may not consciously acknowledge that its incomplete, but they will certainly get the sense that this person is a little slack in their efforts. Always take the time, whether on LinkedIn or in any other facet of business, to put your best face forward.

#3 Recommend your Connections

LinkedIn is aggressive in it’s desire to have you recommend your contacts. It’s a great way to show your gratitude to a professional that you’re connected with and they are likely to reciprocate. Just don’t recommend people you haven’t done business with – it’s disingenuous.

#4 Follow Protocol

LinkedIn is a place for professionals to connect. It isn’t a place to post stories about what you had for lunch or what your cat just did (that’s what Facebook is for). Keep it professional.

#5 Join Groups

Groups are a terrific way to connect with other professionals in your field, to grow your network and to share and compare ideas and work experiences. Find groups that relate to what you do, join them and engage!

#6 Build Connections

Connecting with other people of business is the sole purpose of LinkedIn. Connect with people you have done business with, people you have met at networking events, friends, family and so forth. The more you connect and engage on LinkedIn the more potential success you create for yourself and your business!


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