6 Reasons Why SEO is a Must For Your Business in 2018

SEO/ 6 Reasons Why SEO is a Must For Your Business...


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a vital form of business marketing in the digital age. It is amazing that the single form of marketing can increase exposure to your business, increase your credibility, and do so for an extended period of time.

If you are unsure if SEO is a fit for your business, keep reading. Here are 6 reasons why SEO is essential for marketing your business.


SEO Increases Your Business’s Exposure

Is somebody is doing a search for a business like yours in your industry, you want to ensure that you appear. A first-page placement gives you tremendous exposure to your potential prospects, and even better is placement in the top three entries. The top three entries on a Google search receive 60% of all clicks. This is an enormous number, and we want to ensure that it is going to you, as opposed to your competitors.

Not only do we want to appear with a higher ranking for a single Google search, we would ideally like to do so for multiple keyword search terms. For example, at the time of this article,  Bush Marketing ranks in the top 10 for the following keyword terms:

  • Internet Marketing Toronto
  • Online Marketing Toronto
  • Web Agency Toronto

We are able to attribute that a high percentage of our phone call inquiries and contact form fills to these high rankings. Simply put, it leads to more business!

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SEO Increases Your Business’s Credibility

When you do a Google Search, and you see the first few entries come up, it is essentially a recommendation from Google that these are the companies you should hire. Credibility is tremendous and having Google rank you high as an indicator that you are a quality company and that people should do business with you. Google is essentially saying, “These are the best companies for what you’re looking for.”

Being the number one search engine in the world, Google has firmly cemented its position as THE trusted search engine on a global level. To have Google’s recommendation is to essentially have their credibility passed on to your business.



SEO is Advertising, Plain and Simple.

In traditional advertising, for example , print advertising, the idea is to create a compelling ad in a popular publication, and hope that people who are interested in your services see it. We know that the advertisement is going to be seen by people, but are these people interested in your services or products, or even in a position to utilize them?

SEO eliminates that element, and only targets people who are specifically searching for your services or products. We are not putting an ad out and hoping to reach our client base.  with SEO, our client base is coming to us. Isn’t that a far more effective way of marketing?


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SEO is Marketing For the Long Term

One of the terrific things about organic SEO is that once you have a high-ranking, it can be relatively easy to maintain it. That means that this marketing strategy is a long-term marketing strategy. Unlike taking an ad out in the paper, or a radio ad, or even Google AdWords, this type of marketing strategy can continue indefinitely, provided you have the right maintenance.  It doesn’t have a start and stop time.

The only way you really  lose a high-ranking is if some other company bumps you out. Granted, it takes a good amount of effort to rank high but once you there you essentially stay there, Make measures to maintain that position.


SEO is Relatively Inexpensive

Once again, compared to traditional advertising, search engine optimization is relatively inexpensive. A half page ad in a major Canadian newspaper can cost anywhere between $5000 and $15000 dollars. That is a one time advertisement. Search engine optimization, by comparison, is substantially cheaper and promotes a long-term strategy, as opposed to a one-off ad.


Your Competitors are Doing It

If your company is not ranking, then every person who does a search for services or products that you provide, every link that they click, is a lost prospect for your business. Your competitors are actively engaged in search engine optimization measures for their websites as we speak. Your competitors understand the value of this marketing and are investing in it. And they are reaping the results.

Your competitors’ services and products may not be as good as yours. They may not be as professional as you. They may not get the results that you get. But that doesn’t matter because they are ranking well. As stated earlier, a high-ranking is a recommendation from Google. And it’s these competitors that are getting the clients.



Now that we have a clear understanding of the benefits of search engine optimization, consider adding it into your marketing strategy!


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