6 Critical Elements of Quality Content

Content Marketing/ 6 Critical Elements of Quality Content

So you’ve embraced the idea of creating internet content through social media, a blog or an email newsletter. Fantastic! But now you are faced with the issue of creating valuable content. You want to ensure that the content you create generates interest in your business or project, and to make sure that you aren’t just spinning your wheels. Here are 6 critical elements to creating compelling, quality content.


Provide Useful Information

Content will only be of interest to people if it has some inherent value. Posting tips, guides, discounts, etc. will most certainly generate more interest than pictures of cats and exclamations of, “TGIF AM I RIGHT?!?!?”

Post Consistently

This is the area where most people fall short. Whether you choose to post daily, weekly or even monthly (not recommended) make sure that you post with consistency. Nothing is more off-putting to a potential or current client than not hearing about you for weeks and then getting flooded with posts. You will lose their attention right then and there, and likely not get them back.

Be Entertaining

Social Media is just that: social. It is not a place for hard sells or dour attitudes. People spend time on social media sites because they are enjoyable and offer some levity into their busy lives. Have some fun with your posts – lighten up!

Be Human

Once again, this is a social atmosphere, and a casual demeanor is what you should be striving for. If you are posting for your company, humanize your company. Show pictures of your staff smiling and working. Talk about your holiday party. Leave the corporate jargon aside and show that there are good, hard working, happy people at your organization.

Maintain High Writing Standards

A casual demeanor in your content creation does not mean being sloppy. Poor grammar and spelling will reflect very poorly on your company. Some people may tell you that we live in a time where grammar and spelling aren’t that important, especially on the web; this is patently false. Keep a close eye on the quality of your content.

Use Images/Video

The internet is primarily a visual medium and incorporating images and video into your content is vital. Potential clients will view an image and THEN decide if they want to read. All copy on a post is simply too dry in this day and age.


Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to grow your presence online!



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