4 Tips for Generating Blog Post Ideas

SEO/ 4 Tips for Generating Blog Post Ideas

You have decided to write a blog for your business. Congrats! Now you need ideas. It can be far more taxing to come up with blog ideas than one might imagine. This month we are going to review four ways to come up with terrific blog ideas so that you won’t ever run out!


Not a day of my life goes by in which a client, friend or business associate doesn’t want to bounce something off me. Some examples are:

  • Is SEO a good fit for my business?
  • What should I share on social media? When should I share it? How often?
  • Which is a better website platform, Squarespace or WordPress?

These types of questions come up all the time which means there is a demand for the answers; they make for valuable content and great blog posts. When people ask you for advice, log the questions and make those your blog posts!

Blog Series

If you have a great concept for a blog post but feel that it can’t necessarily be covered in one post, branch it out over several. For example, the topic of “creating your own website” might be an excellent topic for me to write, but the process in creating one’s own website is very extensive and sometimes complex. It is ideal for me to break into multiple parts and create a series, adding “Part 1”, “Part 2” and so forth to each segment.

Visiting Your Competitors Blogs

It is always wise to keep up to date with your industry and your competitors in any facet of business, but it can be very beneficial when searching for blog ideas. You may find some great topics on the blogs. It also gives you the opportunity to offer your particular expertise and take on the topic. Don’t plagiarize though. That’s a no no.

Google Keyword Search

Doing a search in Google for the keywords that are applicable to your business can yield great results. Remember to look outside of your location as well. For inspiration I’ll see what similar companies are doing in Montreal or Vancouver. Even Dallas, San Diego, Pittsburgh, and so on. There is lots to look at out there.


If you use these methods to create blog ideas you will never run out. Good luck and happy writing!


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