4 Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Branding/ 4 Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

We at Bush Marketing, whether on our blog or in the social media world, spend a lot of time offering guidance on how to effectively market yourself and your business. But what about the hazards of marketing? Let’s spend some time looking at some of the mistakes that can be made and how YOU can avoid them!


No Call to Action

You have invested time in your marketing campaign telling your potential customers all about what you do and what you sell. But now what? A call to action is required. Your customers need to be given specific instructions as to how to proceed. You have their attention and now it’s time to offer direction so that your potential clients know how to act. This may come in the form of an email sign-up form, a Facebook request for a “Like,” or more simply, a “contact us” request. Regardless of the style of “call to action”, make sure you have one. Otherwise, you are leaving them hanging.


Changing Your Art

There is no more surefire way to confuse your customers than to alter your logo and your art. Brand consistency is critical – people associate the art that you’ve created with who you are and what you do. To change that means to sever that association, which means starting all over again. Changing your art can mean killing your branding. If you aren’t happy with your branding, you can certainly improve upon it, but make sure that your customers are aware that you are making changes and don’t go back to the well over and over again. If you feel compelled to change it, change it once, and once only.


Using Corporate Jargon in Your Marketing

Let me be perfectly clear about this… enough with this nonsense. Words and terms like “synergy”, “cutting edge”, and “paradigm” are used by people who are attempting to put forth a certain professional air but the reality is that the informed consumer finds these terms pretentious and alienating. Corporate speak is used by people who don’t know how to communicate effectively with their customers. When you are addressing your customers use the language you would normally use. Have integrity, and be respectful of your clients.


Insulting Your Customers

It sounds like an obvious hazard to avoid, but you would be surprised how often companies will show contempt for their customers. We have all seen ads on TV and in print in which some hapless schmoe is shown struggling to accomplish some seemingly easy task, like washing his car or eating a meal. Then a magic product is introduced and life becomes wonderful again. I’m talking about these poor souls:

Avoid this at all costs. Display gratitude for your customers and be humble; show your customers that they are valuable to you and that you are here to be of service to them. This form of marketing reeks of contempt and arrogance and will not serve you well.

Remember to approach all of your marketing and your business dealings with integrity and humility and you will be stunned at the growth that you will see!

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