3 Things Your Email Subscribers Want

Branding/ 3 Things Your Email Subscribers Want

How do you construct an effective email newsletter? What are the things that will put a smile on your clients’ faces? We have three rules to follow which will make you customers happy and engaged when they read your newsletter.

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Content is King (Design is Not!)

There can be a lot of time and money invested in creating a sleek looking newsletter, but it is all for naught if your content doesn’t resonate. Don’t get me wrong; an attractive and professional looking email is important, but creating engaging content trumps all. You have to have something to say and something to offer in order to make your customers’ care.

Don’t Sell Right Away… Give Them Something First

Email newsletters should not be about the hard sell. The purpose of newsletter is to deliver news; to inform the consumer of information regarding your company, services that you provide, sales you may be having and so forth. Delivering information is not selling. There is a place for a call to action on sales, but ensure to deliver the content of value first.

Ask Them What They Think!

What better way to gauge the thoughts of your customers then by asking them? Use your newsletter to gain feedback about your company, the products you sell and the services you provide. You will find that many customers are happy to let you know where you are strong and where you are weak, and they will be appreciate being asked (if you ask respectfully).

Andy Bush, President


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