3 Internet Marketing Myths Debunked

Content Marketing/ 3 Internet Marketing Myths Debunked

It is our goal here at Bush Marketing to make sure that our clients are well informed. This month we’re going to clear up some of the misconceptions of internet marketing!


Internet Marketing – It’s All You Need!

Like with anything is life, balance is the key. A balanced approach to marketing your business will allow you to find new customers on a variety of platforms and it will also allow you to determine what is working and what is not on a larger spectrum. Whether it’s with your website, social media presence, a blog or anĀ enewsletter, internet marketing should play an important role in a larger and more complete marketing strategy. There are many other areas of marketing that could benefit you including print advertising, snail mail campaigns, and so much more. A complete and well rounded campaign is always the best.



The hottest trend in internet marketing is the claim that SEO is dead, or is at least dying. No. SEO is alive and well, but it is in a state of flux. SEO strategy, an inherently fluid process by nature anyway, changes in accordance with the demands created by the algorithms designed by Google. In the past there was a heavy emphasis put on keywords, tags, linking and content (and very little else). Google wised up to the fact that content was being manipulated for SEO purposes and now looks for more organic language (phrases and questions as opposed to specific words) to determine the outcome of searches.

Sure, the parameters have changed, but that doesn’t mean SEO has died. What it means in fact, is that “normal” language is now more valuable than contrived SEO language (language which is now punished not rewarded). This is good news, and SEO is alive and well.


PPC is Expensive and Ineffective

PPC (pay per click) campaigns are those that allow your ads to appear at the top of a Google search. This works by paying Google a certain amount of money each time someone “clicks” on your ad. You are able to select your own keywords for the ad, and the more popular the keyword, the more expensive the cost per click.

PPC absolutely works but the secret is the keyword selection. You need to determine what keywords are effective and fall within your budget. If you are a small business trying to compete with a large corporation, and you are selecting keywords that cost up to $20 per click, you’re not going to succeed. Determine your budget and select the most effective keywords for your money. If you are finding that what you have set up isn’t that effective, try changing the keywords.

If you are a new business and want quick click conversion success, PPC is an excellent way to find real customers and build your client/customer base.


Is there an aspect of Internet Marketing that you want to know about? Email us and let us know and we’ll feature it in our next “Debunked” blog post!


Andy Bush, President


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