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Toronto Website Design - internet marketing 75
Toronto Website Design - internet marketing 74

Objective: Improve upon older, HTML based website.

Proposal: We proposed to this client that it was time for a new website, as time and technology had moved forward. It was a far more cost effective and strategic approach then investing time and money into an older site. A state of the art WordPress website was proposed, that was photo driven to best showcase the exceptional architectural work of the client. Minimalist in nature; let the home designs speak for themselves. We also observed when viewing the competition in this clients region (Hilton Head, South Carolina) that very few architects and architectural firms were ranking in the search engines, and we proposed that an investment in SEO for the website would yield exceptional results.

Results: A thrilled client, with a sophisticated yet understated website that is image driven and offers a huge “Wow” factor. The architect’s work is front and center as it should be. The website is very customizable and new properties can be added quickly and cost effectively. SEO measures have been effective, yielding this client a first page ranking on Google for his ideal search terms.