Portfolio/ Trivitality
Toronto Website Design - internet marketing 97

Objective: Upgrade website for personal trainer, bootcamp, and fitness business.

Proposal: Client created low quality template based website and but wanted a more polished and professional look. Recommended a new beginning with a WordPress based site that effectively conveys his unique style and method of personal training, and to promote weekly Bootcamp exercise classes. Execute task within a short window of time.

Results: A visually impressive website, which clearly defines the nature of Trivitality and the services offered. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients and potential customers. Increased exposure and potential client interest.

"I needed to take my amateur site to the next level, and get some guidance with respect to marketing and getting my company out there. Truth is, I wasn’t even sure how to proceed.

Andy is extremely easy to talk to, down to earth and knows his stuff. After our initial consultation I was confident that I had the right team in my corner.

With a fast turnover time, it wasn’t long before the evidence of my decision to go forward with Bush Marketing proved to be the right one.

Thanks to Andy and everyone involved for making Trivitality a reality!"

-Lenn Guerrero, Trivitaily