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Many if our clients at Bush Marketing are unsure about Pinterest and whether or not it can benefit them. Here is a quick introduction to Pinterest, and if you think it may be for you and your business, please don’t hesitate to call us and ask!

“Pinterest is an online pinboard. Organize and share things you love.” –

How many times have you been browsing the internet and come across an image or product you want to remember? All the time, right? Whether you find a great gift for someone in your life, a must-have product for your home, a hairstyle you might want to try, or a recipe that sounds delicious, Pinterest is a great way to save, organize, and share the products and ideas you like. Pin your interests.
Back in 2009, Pinterest arrived on the social network scene. Since then, it has attracted over 20 million loyal users. In fact, a recent report by The Social Habit notes that 21% of social media users have a Pinterest account, and that number just keeps on growing. Forbes calls Pinterest the third most popular social networking site (after Facebook and Twitter).

What do people use Pinterest for?

Event planning (weddings, parties, dinners, etc.)
Reading lists
Recipe sharing
Home furnishing & décor ideas
Inspirational quotes
Lesson planning for the classroom
Gift ideas
Health and fitness
Ideas for holidays
Interesting maps

What is it about Pinterest that keeps users signing up and coming back? The combination of a beautiful interface and compelling content is the key to Pinterest’s success. By providing a way for you to save images to a single web page, Pinterest helps users easily organize and share content.
“Pinterest is steak for the eyes.” – Anonymous Male Pinterest user
You have probably heard that Pinterest appeals to women more than men. While the statistics show that Pinterest is popular among women, my own anecdotal research leads me to believe that more men are using Pinterest than you might think.

How are men using Pinterest?

Men use Pinterest for all kinds of things:
Men’s fashion
Books to read
Sports teams
Cars & bikes
Health and fitness
Beers, wines, & spirits to try
Musicians I love
Vacation ideas
DIY ideas

Notice anything? That’s right, men use Pinterest for many of the same reasons women use Pinterest. That’s because the way you use Pinterest is up to you! You can create a pinboard for any topic you can think of. Are you obsessed with engines? There’s a Pinterest board for that. Perhaps you’re crazy about Sriracha. Pinterest has got you covered.

In sum, there is tremendous marketing opportunity using Pinterest if your business fits the bill. Call Bush Marketing to see if Pinterest can work for YOU!

And if you want to have a look around, check out the Bush Marketing Pinterest page!


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