5 Critical Errors Of Social Media Marketing

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People who are not in the know often have a negative view of social media, and particularly as an avenue for marketing their business. And those who have a positive view of it are oftentimes doing it badly. Well, it’s time to clear things up. Here are the top five critical errors made in social media marketing!

Overdoing It

There are seemingly endless numbers of social media sites, all of which have different elements which can benefit companies from a marketing standpoint. That doesn’t mean you should be on all of them. It is easy to spread oneself too thin, the product of which is poor content and poor engagement. If you are starting out, pick ONE social media site and develop a strong understanding of how it works. If you find success there, consider adding a second.

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Imagine going to a restaurant one Saturday night and having the meal of a lifetime. In fact it was so good that you decide to go next week and bring five of your friends, only to find that they’ve closed for the evening for no apparent reason. Will you go back again? Likely not.

The same principle applies in social media marketing. One must be consistent in their posting and engagement, whether it’s three times a day, once a day or once a week. People will flee from inconsistency and unreliability, particularly when it comes to anything internet related, where people’s attention spans are very limited.

Assuming that “Follows” Mean “Sales”

“Follows” & “Likes” are often perceived as the Holy Grail of social media marketing, with companies wanting nothing more than to increase, increase, increase! Wrong. What you want is to create meaningful engagement with the people who are following your business. For example, if you have a local service business, then having “Likes” from people halfway around the world will serve no purpose. It is better to have fewer “Likes” and “Follows” and develop meaningful relationships with these clients and potential customers then simply acquire numbers.

Ears Closed, Mouth Open

Social Media is a dream come true when it comes to understanding the needs and desires of your customers. It is a world in which patrons of businesses are happy to leave feedback, either positive or negative. Positive feedback? Terrific! Stay the course. Negative feedback? Fantastic! Now you have an opportunity to correct a wrong, and to do so in front of many other customers, which displays that you run your business with integrity.

Some people neglect this aspect altogether. They post or Tweet and ignore the feedback given. Social media marketing is not a one way street. It is not simply the dissemination of information to the masses. It is about creating a happy and healthy community around your brand!

Dismissing Social Media Marketing Completely

It’s easy to make this mistake. Many people of business make the assumption that social media is just a bunch of worthless clamor and a way to fritter away one’s time. Those closed off to this method of marketing are losing out on tremendous opportunities for promotion and engagement, and to reach a vast network of potential clients.


Many people attempt social media marketing themselves, and that’s fine, however it is a method of reaching people that is ripe with hazards and potential problems. If you are unsure about how to approach this, please contact us at Bush Marketing. We are happy to discuss your needs and budget.

Andy Bush, President

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