4 Absolute Musts for Successful SEO in 2016

Internet Marketing/ 4 Absolute Musts for Successful SEO in 2016

Google makes approximately 500 algorithm changes per year. The reason for this is that the good people at Google work very hard to reward organic content and to give their users the best answers to the questions they pose. That means that SEO is consistently in a state of flux, and  as a result of that, so must be your SEO strategy.

To keep you ahead of the game, here are the big predicted trends for SEO in 2016.

Social Media Content is Huge in 2016

Google used to gauge the quality of a website’s content by the number of hits it received. This is no longer the case. A far better indicator of quality content (content that is fresh, interesting and valuable) is the amount of social media engagement it receives. Driving traffic to a site can be done in a myriad of ways and does not necessarily offer a clear indication that the content on that site, particularly the fresh content (blog posts, generally) are valuable to Google’s users.

Social media on the other hand, is an excellent indicator. If I take the time to share/retweet an article that has been written about a specific topic with friends, family, business colleagues, etc. then that essentially means that I have vouched for that article. It tells Google that the quality of the article is good enough for me to tell everyone about, and thus Google rewards that site with the article with a better opportunity to rank higher.



Mobile Optimization is Critical in 2016

Is your website mobile friendly? It is no longer an option I’m afraid. Search results for mobile devices do not mirror results found on computers. If your website is not mobile friendly you could be heavily penalized in your search rankings.

Why is this so important? Approximately 61% of internet searches occur on a mobile device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or even smart watch. Mobile optimized websites are common practice nowadays (all Bush Marketing websites are developed mobile friendly) as opposed to the exception.

And bear in mind that 95% of all smartphone users have searched for local info. (Source: Adwords.blogspot.com ) and 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour. (Source: Socialmediatoday.com). That means that mobile searches yield action, and that is what you are looking for for your business.

Time to get mobile. Not an option.

Video Dominates SEO (Still).

Video is a fantastic way to engage and entertain your clients and potential customers. Not to mention the fact that it can be easily and affordably accomplished in 2016! But what does it have to do with SEO?

Video search results on Google receive a very high click rate (approximately 40%) which tells Google that people like to have their information delivered to them via video. Therefore, videos receive higher results. Google is also placing an emphasis on blended search results these days (particularly with mobile results) so that’s another reason.

For more info, here is a fantastic infographic with statistics about video marketing in 2015:




Local SEO Is the New Way

Ever since Google came out with it’s “Pidgeon” update, there has been a greater emphasis on location from an SEO standpoint. Where you do what you do is becoming as important as what it is that you do. Businesses and marketers are focusing heavily on generating local SEO strategies. This can create a higher share rate and greater engagement on the social media landscape. Some stats:

  • Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within a day. (Source: Searchengineland.com)
  • More than 60% consumers have used local information in ads. (Source: Business2community.com)
  • 50% mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results. (Source: Business2community.com)

Ensure that you localize your SEO strategy if that is a fitting option for your business!


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